Changed In A Moment

This morning, I was recalling that less than a week after I joined CB back in 2007, disaster struck my hometown of Minneapolis. I wrote a blog about it a few days later called Who Or What Shall I Fear.

The day the bridge collapsed was a beautiful summer day. A busload of happy, tired children returning from a field trip prepared to cross the bridge along with commuters looking forward to a relaxing evening at home after a busy day. Everything appeared to be just fine on the surface of this bridge but it wasn't.

The footage you are about to see was taken by a video camera near Lock and Dam #1 on the Mississippi River. While there is some obstruction, it gives you an idea of what things looked like on that day. The second video is a memorial and has pictures of the site. I want to warn you about these before viewing.

Life as we know it, can change in a moment without any warning whatsoever. In those moments it is good to know that we are living in the hands of the One who knows all things and is never caught off guard. He has seen all of those moments and we can be confident that He has us clutched safely in His hands... and He will never let us go!


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