Cherishing The Gift Of Friendship

I visited the grave of a dear friend today. I miss him and I miss the sparkle in his wife's eyes. I will not pretend to say I know how she feels because I don't. However, I do understand that she has been ripped in two. When God says we become one flesh with our spouse, He means it.

When I was at the cemetery, I found myself recalling the first time my husband and I had visited our friends. It had been a beautiful time of fellowship that came to an end all to quickly. It was time for us to go home.

My friend, a much better writer than me, wrote about that August day in 2009 entitled Looking Forward To Never Having To Say Good-Bye. He said it well.

As I said in the beginning, I grieve over the fact that when I drive up to the house of my friend, he is not there to greet me. It pains me that his wife can no longer look into his eyes and feel his arms around her but... I do not regret that God introduced me to my friend and allowed us to walk together as friends "for a moment". Never. Instead I cherish the memory of my friend as well as other precious friends God has brought into my life. Ithank God for the gift of friendship.

I will see you later.

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:cry: Thanks for being here

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K, Amen as well. Thank you for the special words. In Him, Les

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