Choose To Be Thankful

Don't get me wrong. Head colds are pretty miserable but... today I am choosing to be thankful. 

1. I have sleep apnea so this makes it more challenging when one has a cold as you need to try your best to keep your mask on. I couldn't get to sleep until nearly 2 a.m. but once I went to sleep, I logged in over NINE hours of undisturbed sleep. I had been so exhausted I prayed for good, restful sleep in the wee hours of the morning and though I was still snuffly when I woke up, my sleep had been restful and refreshing. Praise God!

2. I am thankful that though I have had this cold since early last week it has remained firmly entrenched in my head and has not migrated to my throat, chest or lungs where it can get into even more mischief. I also do not have a fever and I am even beginning to think about having a bit of lunch soon. Praise God!

3. I am not alone. I am so blessed to have a husband who is a "nurturer". At risk of sounding a bit like a princess, he doesn't mind fixing me lunch, relinquishing the TV remote and letting me watch all that stuff a girl likes to indulge in when she doesn't feel well, keeping the vaporizer running, fluffing up my pillows, tucking me in and doing the things I haven't gotten around to doing, like going to the grocery store with my list in hand and filling my car with gas so it will be ready for me. Isn't that a great run-on sentence?

4. It may be cold outside, but I am cozy and warm inside and may even venture to curl up beside the fire later.

5. The cold struck now rather than on say, December 24th. 

6. I am feeling better than I did this time yesterday.

I am still sick. I had to miss seeing my son perform last night and I had to miss out on going to an event with my mom tomorrow. I may even have to go to church online tomorrow but I am thankful that I can still worship with my church family and hear the message live even if I can't be there in person. 

I am still sick but I choose to be thankful.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

That's not good praying for you get well

Mark Northeast @marek ·

Be healed

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