Christ Within Me Enables Me To Do The Impossible

This morning as I read a blog written by B2Y entitled A Matter Of Mercy .

A long time ago, a person who was actually a relative wronged me. What they did isn't so important except for the fact that they also wronged others, their actions were eventually brought to light and they were convicted of a crime and served time. It very nearly destroyed their family.

This person never asked my forgiveness and it was a few years later when I realized bitterness was gradually take a hold in my life...and anger at God that He had "allowed" this to take place. Never mind the fact that I could see God had indeed protected me as things could have ended up far worse than they did. Others were not nearly as fortunate.

Anyway, God took me by surprise one day by telling me I needed to forgive. I quickly assured him I would forgive...once the person asked me. No. That's not what God was saying. I had to forgive whether my forgiveness was ever sought or not. This wasn't about them, it was about me.

But I hadn't done anything wrong! It wasn't fair! I started to make all the excuses but God persistently told me I needed to forgive.

I couldn't. I couldn't do it and I told God I couldn't. His reply surprised me. "I know YOU can't, but I CAN and since I dwell within you..." I got the point.

Let me tell you, I sat there for the longest time, unable to say a word. Then I gathered up all the hurt and anger and laid my wound bare before God. I asked Him to help me forgive as I was unable to do so on my own. I took a deep breath and said "I for..." and got no further because feelings of forgiveness came rushing through me. Amazing! The moment I started to take the first step, God rushed in!

Like you, B2Y, I began to pray for that person as well. Our relationship was restored. Their family was restored. They eventually came back to God. Right now, they're battling cancer for the second time and things aren't going well but you know what, you can see the peace and joy of the Lord in their eyes as they trust in God no matter what. Everyone is amazed at what God has done. Amazing things happen when we truly forgive.


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