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So often, in the middle of the storm which is raging all around us, we are suddenly aware that God is right there beside us. Oh yes, we may have known that with our head. We can say things like, "God is always with me." and yet, if we're truly honest with ourselves what we're really saying is "I hope God is with me." We want him to be there. We've been told he'll be there, but we're having a bit of trouble seeing him. Keep looking. Even though you can't see him, he most certainly can see you!

Then there are those moments when you actually get a glimpse of him walking on the waves toward you. The waves which blocked him from your view suddenly part and without warning, he is right there beside you. You feel like you can touch him and his eyes, so full of love, gaze intently at you Although you may not see him in the physical sense, he is a real to you as flesh and blood. No, even more so because you are feeling and touching him with the very core of your being. You don't even ask him if you can step out of the boat. You just automatically fling yourself at him because you know there is nowhere else to be.

I'm facing chemo tomorrow and this afternoon and evening have been very difficult. I cried out to the Lord because although I know he is with me, my body is afraid. I wanted God to make it all go away. I wanted him to carry me off. I wanted him to say I didn't have to do this. Nothing of the sort happened.

This evening, when I least expected it, the waves parted and I saw him. I was taking the plastic off a journal one of my fellow teachers had given me. I had planned to write about my current journey in it beginning tomorrow when I get chemo. It's a "Footprints" journal which is very fitting but that wasn't what got my attention. I pulled the plastic off and the book opened up to several pages from the beginning. My eyes fell of these words at the bottom of the page:Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go. Joshua 1:9 (NIV) The fear is gone. I'm on the water with him...and there is no where else to be.

*8/24/11--This blog is now part of a series entitled Walking With God In The Midst of Cancer

Virginia Sills @happytoberestored ·

My dear K,

God has His Hand on you. His angels surround you. Jesus intercedes on your behalf. The Holy Spirit is within you, guiding you right to that wonderful passage of the Bible.

Now, of course I know you know all this, but sometimes it helps to hear it from another.

Joshua, what a great leader he was! He was strong and courageous, in God.

I am so thankful to know that you see God in the storm with you.

Much love in Christ,


Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·


You are in my prayers today as you start on this journey. Although I did not go through it myself I was beside my mother through her journey. It is frightening indeed. I am so thankful you have a deep and abiding faith in our Lord and Savior, His presence will be with you wherever you go and He will sustain you through it. Please know that I am deeply praying for you today and that you are much loved, by the Lord, Himself and by us here on CB, Love, Andrea

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

I am praying for you today! Remember that even Jesus asked if there was another way, and that His cup could pass.

Isn't it simply awesome that God speaks to us so clearly using things like blank journals or devotionals or an apt word on the eradio, or even a novel? I just love Him!


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