Complacent Or Living?

One of the enemy's favorite weapons to use against Christians is complacency. We go to church each week. We even have our particular spot where we like to be. We sing the songs, we say the right words, we have the right look on our face and we may even have fallen into a routine of reading a scripture and praying every day. We are "comfortable" but are we truly "living"? If we are living, we are growing. There is no way around it. If we are not growing than we are not truly "living". That's a rather sobering thought, isn't it.

This morning, I have been thinking a great deal about whether or not I am complacent or living. I don't know about you but I want to living. Oh how I want to live, both physically and spiritually!

I know what it is like to face death. I know what it is like to sit in a hospital gown anxiously awaiting the results of a mammogram to see whether or not the cancer has returned or have a cerebral angiogram done to make sure that all is well. I can assure you that on those examination days, I literally radiate with great joy when I learn that all is functioning the way it should be. I feel a surge of joy when I read my blood sugar and see that it is in the acceptable range or my A1c number is going down. Why? Because all of these things are indicators that I am continuing to live well.

I'd be a fool if I did not submit myself to regular exams and if I did not monitor my physical condition as well. If this is important for us physically, how much more so important is it to do so spiritually? How is our spiritual state? To get a true picture of this, requires an examination by The Expert, The Holy Spirit. Asking God to shine His light upon our hearts and our minds should be our daily prayer.
Are we complacent or are we living?


K :princess:

Sean Harding @seano ·

So true - I have been thinking recently about passion - about the fact that we serve the creator God of the universe. How we have a God who came in flesh to die on the cross and rose from the dead for us, to pay the penalty for our sins, that we might have relationship with God and eternal life and yet we can't muster up the passion or the joy, or just want to be sold our for him.

We sometimes just leave our Bibles to get dusty and our hearts to grow mouldy, we don't pray and we don't cry for the lost.

Hmmm - almost writing my own blog here sorry! - anyway great post thanks, it's given me more to meditate on!

Kenneth Figurelli @bibleguy64 ·

Good point. That question, "How am I doing?" should be part of our daily prayers. - bibleguy64


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