Count Your Many Blessings!

As I was driving home earlier today, I suddenly began to think of various challenges that not only myself but my family are facing at the moment. Knowing the danger of becoming overwhelmed by these sort of thoughts, I immediately counter-attacked by crying out to God that my family has been through so much and please, please bless us.

Now while that is the right and reasonable thing to do, God's response was completely unexpected. I don't know about you but when God responds to my cries in a way I do not expect, I tend to pay closer attention because first of all, I know that I personally would never think such a thing, it is always something the enemy would never suggest and God would and God is about to teach me or reinforce something that is very important. I need to pay attention.

I am blessing you.

I began to sputter a bit.

"Well, I know You will bless me but... "

I am blessing you.

I closed my mouth, became still and waited. One by one, some of the many blessings God had given me over the years came to mind. I hung my head in shame. Then, lifting it once again, I started my prayer once again,

"Thank you Lord for the wonderful blessings you have given me... "


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Beth M @blest ·

Amen, amen, been there, done that! :clap:

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

God is so gracious and full of compassion.


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