Counterfeit Or Genuine?

A number of years ago, I was at a teacher workshop. One of the presenters was a magician and he incorporated that into the his presentation. He was quite good actually. Everyone was impressed and duly mystified with his performance except me.

The presentation took place in the media center at one of the schools in our district. Televisions had been brought in for cataloging and as soon as the magician came into the room, he realized this could cause a problem on this bright and sunny day so he turned them around. The problem was, he missed one over in a and back a bit.

The room was crowded that day. I took a seat which was tucked back away from where everyone else was. When the presentation started and the tricks began, I was suddenly distracted by something else. A small ray of light came through the window and illuminated the television screen and it acted like a mirror, reflecting everything the magician did behind his back.

I looked around the room. All eyes were on the magician and I realized that from their vantage points no one could see what I saw. I must confess I was fascinated watching how all his tricks were performed. For me there was no mystery, no magic for I could see the truth reflected in a "mirror".

After the presentation, a small group of teachers, including myself, remained to chat with him. Just before we all left, he made a comment about being relieved that he had come early. He'd seen the televisions and realized they would be a problem so he had turned them all around. His final words of wisdom was that if you every wanted to perform a "trick", you needed to look out for mirrors and other reflective surfaces lest your "tricks" be revealed. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he missed one. :mrgreen:

We tend to forget that the enemy is the master deceiver and father of lies. We become arrogant and think that we can easily detect him and his lies and that's exactly how he likes it. There is only one sure-fire way to tell the difference between what is genuinely from and of God and what is counterfeit. We must hold it up to the Light so that it can shine upon and through it. Then and only then are we able to truly see what is counterfeit and what is genuine.

The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.

Psalm 119:130 (NIV)


K :princess:

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What a good example K :princess:
I enjoyed reading this blog.



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