Crying In The Arms Of God

It is easy to get distracted. We find ourselves zooming along the Road of Life, supposedly meeting each challenge and then life throws us a curve or two. We did the right thing. We cried out to the Lord to help and deliver us. Sometimes, we must cry out again and again. We pour through God's Word. We fall before Him time and time again, trusting that He will never fail us and that regardless of the outcome, we are safe in Him. He hears us, He cares for us and most of all, He loves us.

Then something happens. The trouble might not exactly be resolved but we are able to breathe just a bit easier. We arrive in "New Normal" and begin to get used to the place. We might even unpack our bags, scatter a few rugs and put up a few pictures. We might not exactly love the place but we will make the best of it. Perhaps a coat of paint or some wallpaper will brighten things up a bit. We could get a few pots of red geraniums (I love red geraniums), make a "cuppa" whatever your preferred hot drink is, wrap ourselves up in a cozy quilt and settle down with a good book. The next thing you know, we are fast asleep.

When we wake up eventually, we have this uneasy feeling that something is wrong. Instead of using this time to spend in sweet fellowship with God and learning at His feet, we went to sleep on Him. He's right there waiting for us. He knows that we were weary and He patiently watched over us while we slept but to make matters worse, we uh... well... we ignore Him. We jump up out of our chair and begin flitting about acting like He is not even there.

We deserve to have God say, "You are self-centered and ungrateful. I'm done with you!" That's what we deserve. That's what we deserve but God does not give us what we deserve. He gives us grace.

Perhaps like me, you have been in that place. You discover that you have been taking God for granted or even ignoring Him. Perhaps everytime He has tried to speak to you lately, you stick your fingers in your ears and pretend you cannot hear Him. As a result, you feel scared, battered, sick and... alone.

I find it interesting that when Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, God's first question to them was not, "What have you done?" but "Where are you?" (Genesis 3: 9). I do not believe that God was speaking strictly in the physical sense. Over and over again in the New Testament Jesus uses parables such as "The Lost Sheep", "The Lost Coin" and "The Prodigal Son" to illustrate that we are lost or separated from God and God is crying out, "Where are you?"

Awhile back, I was watching one of my "honorary" grandsons who is nearly three years old. He would go hide and I would playfully begin to look for him but I couldn't find him. wink.gif I would then call out, "Joey, where are you?" The moment he heard my voice, he would joyfully jump up and cry out, "Here I am!" and run into my arms.

God is calling us. Will we race into His arms crying out, "Here I am!" and cry in His arms where we will find comfort, security, peace and love or will we reject His call and clutching our garment of pain, misery and loneliness, run further away from Him?


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Nicole Karkowski @niki20 ·

That was so good and so true! Sometimes I just want to go to sleep, literally. When I could be crying out to The Lord and talking with Him. Last night I did that, I cried out to Him and found comfort. Then I even was led to scripture. I felt so much better! He is always waiting for me to want to spend time with Him! Thank you!
Have a blessed day!

Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Funny that in this excellent blog what stands out most is the simple three-word question: "Where are you?"

In the human context we have all been on both ends of the phone call where a crisis situation is met with a "Where are you?" - it covers everything from a missed bus to a bereavement and implies "I am coming to get you out of this mess". Remembering one of these calls you mentioned a while back as I write this, one from your hubby. And a couple of my own over the years.

We listen when our phone rings, but are we listening out for every time God asks us where we are? Sadly not. We let the mid-level noise and stress of everyday life drown out his call sometimes. Then there are the other times you highlighted, those when we get a little too cozy and forget to listen. No matter which place we find ourselves in, we certainly cannot afford to forget about his grace.

God bless and thank you K!

Sarah :-)

Nicole Karkowski @niki20 ·

I was thinking. Complacent. Yes we can get that way. Even when I'm sick, on bed rest I get used to it and can get complacent. I wanted for so long to make good habits. I actually made one, I'm not perfect! But almost everyday at some point I read my devotion and pray. I'm not bragging. I just remember thinking... if it's so easy to make bad habits why can't I make a good one? That habit helped me... .like I said I'm not perfect. You all help support me!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Grrr... I wish we still had smilies in comments. Okay, I will write it out and you will just have to use your imagination, Niki.

Here goes!



K Princess

Nicole Karkowski @niki20 ·


Les Braswell @doneuntotheleast ·

Very nice to the heart of the matter truth filled message.'

Thank you In Him,


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