Daddy And The Cricket--An Earthly Lesson About Our Heavenly Father

A three year old girl's scream pierced through the hot summer night. In an instant, her daddy awakened and raced to her bedside. Sobbingly, the child clung to him. She was so afraid! She cried again in terror at the sound of "the monster". The father listened a moment and realized what was frightening his little girl. The monster was...a cricket.

Now the father could have told his child to quit being silly. There was nothing to be afraid of and she needed to be a big girl. He could have even punished her when she refused to let go of him and go back to sleep. He could have easily done those things and perhaps there are some people who think he should have. I only know that he did not do any of those things.

Instead, he held his child tenderly for a moment and dried her tears. He told her he would find the cricket and he would make sure that it would not hurt her. He left her side for a moment. The child held her breath and tried to still the feeling of fear rising up within her. There was that fearsome noise again! Then she heard another sound. Wham! Then there was silence. Her daddy had killed the cricket monster with a shoe! He was her hero and her protector. She could rest in complete peace knowing that her daddy would protect her from any harm.

Years later, the girl was grown but her daddy was gone. He'd received orders from heaven to report home. As time passed, she faced many "monsters" in her life. She remembered the night her daddy protected her from the cricket. Although he was no longer there, she had a heavenly father who she could call on at anytime. He would hear her cry and protect her and help her defeat the monsters.


My dad, unknowingly, taught me a very precious lesson about my Heavenly Father. When I cry out to the Father, he is there. I might not always be aware of him but he is still there. My Heavenly Father does not trivialize my fears. He does not mock me. He understands, even if they are unfounded, they are very real to me. My Heavenly Father has power over all of my fears and he has the power to protect me and keep me safe. Finally, when my Heavenly Father delivers me from my fear it is complete. My fear is gone. An interesting thing happened that night when my dad killed the cricket. I was never afraid of crickets or other insects ever again. In fact, I love to fall asleep listening to the sound of crickets. My fear was completely the hand of my father. We are not fatherless...we have a Father.

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