Daily Bible Verse: Deuteronomy 14:28-29

Many Christians believe that the tithe is unnecessary today because we are not under the Law, rather we are under grace. I cannot help but wonder though, how different our world would be if every Christian practiced both tithing and giving.

Yes, this was a part of the Mosaic Law but we also know that the early Church also gave in order to provide for those in their midst who were in need as well as those who were in the ministry. Why do we believe that we should do any less?

There are many within the Body of Christ, including people who labor full time for the Church and the Gospel of Jesus Christ who suffer great need simply because so many within the Church either refuse to give or give grudgingly. It is small wonder that as a result so many churches as well as individuals struggle financially. If we place our dependence on what we earn with our own hands then that is exactly what we will happen.

I don't know about you but I think it is better to place my trust in God for my provision and be a good steward of what He gives. Surely no one would ever suggest that when God provides for us, He neglects giving us the means to show our thanks and bless others through our tithes and offerings. :eek:

Let us fully trust in God and give out of the abundance of our heart just like He does. After all... ought children not follow the example of their Father?


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