Daily Bible Verse: Isaiah 41:10

This is one of those verses that I have turned to so often over the years. All of us have times when we have been afraid. Sometimes it is because we do not know what to do but I think the greatest fear is when we know there is nothing can do. Nothing. We feel like we're in a free-fall, we're going to crash and we're all alone.

We don't like to feel alone. I'm not talking about those times when you feel like seeking solitude out in the woods, next to a lake or curled up with a good book in front of the fire when the house is still. Being alone by choice and feeling alone are two very different things.

God will not abandon us. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit, a separation occurred between them and God. What is God's initial response to that separation? He called out to them, "Where are you?" (Genesis 3:9). If we read that passage too quickly, we get this image that God did not know where Adam and Eve were at in the Garden. God is omniscient. Of course He knew where they were physically but something had happened. A barrier called sin had come between them. A barrier that could only be broken by the sacrifice of the Lamb of God.

Yet God was calling to them...

God never abandons us. We abandon Him. When we are alone, when we are afraid, we need to remember these words:

We are not alone.


K :princess:

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Thank you so very much for your blog...I am surrounded by people and yet I feel alone. I am loved but I am scared and insecure. I know I've referred to my phobias/ocd and this is a condition that I truly struggle with. You are right, that feeling of not being able to do anything about situations heightens the anxiety. I've always said, when it comes to prayer...I have every belief that God is above able to do...I have no doubt that He CAN...I just am not confident He WILL. This adds to my fears because even when I pray about things, I dont know if He will answer my prayer. It just intensifies the loneliness, fear, "out of control" sickness. Thank you for the verse...I will have to remind myself of His promise when these tough thoughts and fears grip me. Thanks again. :butterfly:

Grey Warner @day2day ·

Thank you K! You've brought tears to my eyes...it is just so helpful to hear someone remind me I am NOT my circumstances and this is not the rest of my life...I am so used to (some not all) people being annoyed by my condition that it just does my spirit good to have a soft place to rest for a minute! I NEED to talk about my feelings and not always try to hide them...that is why I depend on the anonimity part so much...I HAVE to have a resource where I can expose my inner self without worry about judgement and criticism... I hope I don't get the reputation of a broken record...the "ocd girl who complains all the time and has a million questions". haha. Seriously, I am going to print out the verses above and keep them around me...when I am feeling overwhelmed and helpless, I will read them and think about them and I will do the exercise of voicing to Satan that he has to take it up with my Father. wink. Either God will handle it, or He will have to give me the strength and desire to do what I need to do. My heart thanks you! :butterfly:

Grey Warner @day2day ·

I do like chocolate!!

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