Daily Bible Verse: Micah 7:8

Dark moments. We are all going to face them during our lifetime in one form or another. We will, in all probability, experience things disappointment, loss, grief, pain, broken relationships and so forth.

The world usually views this as being a part of life but for the Christian, these moments are often used by the enemy to cast questions in our minds. Why is God allowing this to happen to me? Am I being punished? Has God abandoned me? Sometimes, anger will accompany these questions as well.

These are the times when we must hold fast whether we can see God through the darkness... or not. We must stand firm upon His promises even though we may feel they are for everyone else except us. We simply must learn that we do not, cannot fully see what God sees

When I gaze out at the night sky, I cannot see the sun. However, does this mean the sun is not there? No, it is right where it has always been. If I were to call my friend, Alison Stewart em>(@kiwibird)</em, I would learn that indeed, the sun is not gone for she can see it shining right over her house and she can feel it's warm rays upon her face. I have just moved to where I cannot see it.

Sometimes the clouds will roll in like they have today and my view of the sun is obscured. Does this mean the sun is no longer there? No, for if I boarded an airplane and soared thousands of feet above the earth, I would eventually emerge from the clouds and bask in the sun as I flew up above them.

We must remember that when we sit in darkness, the Lord is our light.


K :princess:


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