Dear Kbird And Shani,

Dear Kiwibird and Shanijane,

I am hoping at least one of you come in from the beach and/or fishing long enough to see this. According to my calculations, it is now summer down under. I hope you are enjoying summer very much. I really do!

It is very... quiet and peaceful here at the moment. The sun sleeps in this time of year and goes to bed rather early as well. It is nearly 7:00 a.m. and there is no sign of him. (Stop cheering, Shani). Well, at least I think he goes to bed. Now that I am thinking about it, I think it is more likely that it is far too cold for the sun here so after briefly putting in a token appearance, the sun heads off for Oceania. Well, I suppose even the sun needs a holiday and I cannot think of a better holiday destination than NZ and OZ.

I was wondering if you could... well... could you possibly remind the sun of his responsibilities, after the holidays of course! Warming up a place like Minnesota requires a lot of man... er... sunpower. I realize that. I am sure the sun will be rather reluctant to come back to Minnesota but... would you please remind the sun that I hope to be down under next July/August and I will be happy to bring him back with me... for a short vacation. I know every Kiwi and Aussie would welcome the sun very much in July/August!

Now remember, keep your sunscreen and sunglasses handy and don't forget to wear a hat!


K :princess:

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Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

It is 6.30am and I came upon your blog a little while ago. Too early for the beach (except for surfing, which I don't) and the mention of still have visions of that beautiful cast that Irish made and the trauma preceding it and afterwards. Mind you, I enjoyed the fact that it made good blog material :mrgreen:!

We aren't really into summer yet but already the fire risk is high. I think I am getting stuff sorted though. Yesterday I sat in the shade in a sun lounger drinking tea and was able to water some of the garden at the same time. Yes, K:princess: I know it is tough, but someone has to do it. And, you know how much I like to help.

I am not sure about the sun needing a holiday here, I think it is more that he comes to you for a winter break!

If I may share a little concern...
I appreciate that you have gone to all the trouble of getting a picture of a fern leaf but..have you noticed that someone is eating it?


Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

its 9:25 am here and funnily enough, i just came in from the beach. went for a little walk along the sand which might i add, was LOVELY! along the beach front, which i can see from my bedroom window is a series of shops. and one of the stores makes THE BEST smoothes. So, i went and grabbed a chocolate and banana one and sat on the rocks and watched the sun come up ( kinda) over the back of the water. :)

As for the sun, im sure we can do something.. all i ask is that i still have it for Australia Day :) 26th January. thats also another day us aussies go to the beach or the river or the dam.. depends if your a coast baby or a rural kid.

PS.Kbird is right.. someone HAS been nibbling on that leaf.. K, did u get hungry?? ;)

Be good!

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Gulp! I think... I think it must have sustained some damage in transit... and I thought it was sooooooo pretty looking...:(

K :princess:

Beth M @blest ·

[quote]Warming up a place like Minnesota requires a lot of man... er... sunpower[/quote]
um, did you perhaps mean "Son-power"? :wink:

Just kidding! cute blog, K! blest

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