Do All In The Name Of Jesus

And whatever you do in world or deed, do all in the name of Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him. Colossians 3:17

I have that verse on a sticky note where I can see it. I was looking at it just a few minutes ago and pondering those words. Have I applied those words to my life today?

Has everything I've done glorified God this day? Have the words I've said or written brought honor to Him? Have I conducted every aspect of my business in a manner which denotes that I am a child of God. Has ever labor that I've done been as if I am doing it for God, Himself or have I done them haphazardly or grudgingly?
In all honesty... no. Everything I've done today in world or deed as not all been done in the name of Jesus.

Often times, I will justify my failure to do so by mumbling... "No one is perfect..."
I wonder though, do we sometimes use this as an excuse for not striving to do our best for God? What does God think about all of this?

No, I am not perfect but that does not excuse me from doing what I know to do. That does not give me a license to do what I know is not pleasing to God. He expects me to strive for perfection and as I do so, as I grow in grace, I will become more like Him and less like myself... an imperfect :princess:.

Our God can take an "imperfect" person and transform them into who He wants them to be.I am tired of making excuses. What about you?


K :princess: