Do Not Forget!

During times of trouble, an oft-heard cry is "God, where are you?" When things are going well, all too often we ignore God and pat ourselves on the back in regards to a job well-done. This brings up the question, why do we attribute evil to God rather than good? Apparently we've been chatting with the enemy and listening to him rather than God yet again. When will we ever learn?

Sometimes we are a very forgetful people. We tend to remember the struggles but forget the blessings. We need to stop doing that. We need to not only record those blessings, we need to tell about them. This is something God told the Israelites to do over and over again. They were to record the things God had done but they were not to stop with just doing that. They were also supposed to share them and pass them on to the next generation.

I was reminded of the importance of sharing our stories today. A woman is facing an uncertain situation, told me that she had recalled a story I had shared with her before Christmas. It was a story about God's provision that did not take place several thousand years ago or even hundreds of years ago. It took place in 2013 and in fact, there were even witnesses that the story I was sharing was true. It was a reminder to her that God's promises are still true today. He is faithful and she can trust Him... no matter what.

I'm glad I didn't keep the story a secret. Stories about God have no business being tucked away in the dark corner of an attic. They need to be shared! Share your story.



John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Well said - a testimony to Gods blessings is an inspiration to thousands

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