Do We Want To Be Where Jesus Is?

I just want to be where You are, in Your dwelling place forever. Take me to the place where You are, I just want to be with You. --Don Moen

We will sing songs like this, often with our eyes closed, hands lifted up toward God, slowly swaying to the music. Yes, this is where we want to be... where God is. That is a good thing but I wonder sometimes if we truly have a clear idea of "where" God is. I suspect that usually when we sing this songs and others like it, we are envisioning standing before God in Heaven's "throne room". Granted, God is omnipresent but when we sing about wanting to be "where" God is at, is this what we are really singing about?

When you read the accounts of Jesus in the Gospels, where do we usually find Him. Is He usually in the temple or synogogue? If not, where is He?
Jesus is out and about amongst the people. Yes, we do find Him in the temple or synogogue occasionally but that is not where we usually find Him.
If this is the case, then why is that where Christians are usually found? I say "usually" because so often that is the only time you are able to actually identify them as being Christians. That must change.

When we read the Gospels, we find Jesus in the wilderness (desert). We see Him wandering through the countryside or along the sea of Galilee, we see Him up on the mountain or even in the storm. While we do see Him feasting at the tables of the rich occasionally, we also see Him mingling with the derelicts of society; the poor, the sick and the unclean and He does so with greater frequency.

So let me ask you this question. Do we really want to be where Jesus or do we just love talk like we do?

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

First let me say, you are so right and thank you for bringing this up! Jesus went out to the people. He was out there with those who needed him. That is where we should spend time- where people need Christ. Let's make some introductions!

Let me also say that to me, this is a completely new interpretation of the words of that song. I would think of standing before God in the throne room, and then I would think about how nothing that is less than holy is allowed there, and then the ratfink whispers to me that there is no way I could ever stand there because... sigh He works double-time on me, it seems like.