Do You Bring Joy To The Heart Of God?

Do I bring joy to the heart of God? That was the question I was pondering earlier this morning. Do I?
Christians talk a lot about the joy of the Lord. I know I do! I have often referred to Jesus as "The Joy-Bringer" and it is true, He is!

As I was "awakening" in the hospital, in December 2009, my heart was flooded with that joy. It was flooded with so much joy that I broke down and cried as carolers at the hospital sang "Joy to the World". Yes, God does fill us with joy... even in our darkest moments. However, do I fill Him with joy?

Now some might say, "No. God is too great. We are just human. We cannot possibly bring joy to God."
Others might say, "It is up to God to bring us joy, it is not our job to bring it to Him." :cry:

Have you ever received a gift or had someone do something so amazing that it overwhelmed you? I have.
When that happens, I get all excited about it. I tell others all about that person and what they did for me. I thank the person but... that isn't enough. I want to do for them what they did for me. I want to give them a "gift" which brings joy to their heart and a smile to their face as well. My gift, my token of appreciation, might not be as great when compared to what they did for me but... I give it from my heart and pray that it will give them a bit of joy as well.

Do we want to bring joy to God's heart? We bring joy to His heart when we worship Him, when we walk in obedience, when we commune with Him through prayer and His Word. We bring joy to the heart of God when we trust Him no matter what. We bring joy to His heart when we minister to others in this world... by just sharing the Gospel but by giving aid, comfort and encouragement to those in need.

Am I being a giver as well as a taker when it comes to joy? I want to be a giver... not just to those around me but... I want to give to God as well. I want to bring joy to the heart of God. How about you?


K :princess:


Yes I do Sister K! Thanks for sharing of joy! A beautiful thing! God Bless you and your family always! Dave

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Bringing joy to the heart of God. I do want to...but I think occasionally he may roll his eyes and have a chuckle as well :mrgreen:

Thank you for another wonderful blog my friend.


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