Do You Have The Right Connection?

I headed off earlier today for one of my little day road trips which I am so fond of making. Yes, I did have a good one. All in all I traveled 215 miles there and back and had some great time singing, praying and contemplating things.

Anyway, I decided to head over into Wisconsin and follow the Great River Road on the east side of the Mississippi. I crossed the St. Croix River and just before I slipped over the border near Prescott, WI, I decided it might be a good idea to fill up with gas as there aren't a lot of places to stop along the route I was taking.

I pulled up to the first pump. Rats! It was pay-at-the-pump. I have a 5 cent per gallon discount card for these particular stations only you can't do pay-at-the-pump with those. You have to go in and pay the clerk directly so they can give you the discount. I pulled my car around to another pump. There!

I got out and noticed there here were two regular unleaded hoses and one super unleaded hose on the pump. One regular unleaded hose was on the left, the second one was in the middle and the super unleaded hose was to the right side of the pump. I selected the middle hose.

I opened the little door over my gas cap cover and removed the cap. I lifted the hose, pushed up the lever and inserted the nozzle. I waited until the authorization was complete and the numbers came up on the screen. I squeezed the handle and... nothing happened. Maybe I'd moved too quickly. I waited a moment. Yes, the pump was authorized. I tried again and got nothing. I replaced the hose and started the whole process over again. Nope, nothing was happening. Hmm... it must be broken.

I replaced the hose and picked up the other one for regular unleaded gas. This time everything worked perfectly. Obviously, I knew how to do this so I was once again convinced there was something wrong with that pump.

When I went into pay, I mentioned what had happened. The clerk told me that a couple other people had mentioned that as well. The other clerk said, "Mentioned what?"

"I've had a couple people tell me that middle pump is not working. Someone told me the super unleaded pump wasn't working either."

I walked out to my car. Hmm... that seemed a bit odd. One regular unleaded and one super unleaded pump didn't work but one did. Oh well.

Then it happened. I looked up and when I did, I noticed something odd. The hose hanging down on the right side of the pump was not inserted in the right side of the pump. It was inserted in the middle. I looked at the middle hose and followed to ... the right side. I stared at that for a moment. Then I turned and went back into the store. "I think I've found the problem." There was nothing wrong with the pump. I just didn't have the right connection inserted into my gas tank.

Has that ever happened to you spiritually? You are so sure you are right, you are so sure you are connected but come to find out, you're not. When you're not, you not only are unable to effectively minister to others, your own growth is stymied and often you are often not aware of it. Sometimes you get a sense that perhaps something is amiss but then you look at the hose ... and assume it is the right one.

If we are not careful, if we are not paying close attention, the enemy will switch gas hoses on us and we will think we are connected to the Holy Spirit... when we are not. We must never take the attitude that we know everything and it is our job to enlighten everyone else. We must never take the attitude that the Word of God cannot teach us anything more. We must never neglect prayer and fellowship with God. When we keep our hearts tender and humble before God then we will notice when that "connection" is being tampered with and can counteract it.


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Shirley Calhoun @startingover ·

I know I am guilty of this. I may get some great insight...or have a some kind of wonderful experience...and then live off it for far too long...instead of getting a fresh supply all the time. It's usually not until I am really feeling "dry" that I realize that my tank is empty. I enjoy reading your have been really putting them out lately, good for you! Love Shirley

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

funny she should talk about gasoline. i use to work in a gas station after high school, while i was in the army i was a refueler on different types of vehicles to include plane sand helicopters and then another gas station when i got off active duty. great anology.( glad you didnt confuse us as why they put enthonol in gas lol be blessed

Christina Morley @considerthelilies ·

Yes, your last paragraph reminds me of the verse, "Pride goes before a fall." God will actually stand in our way and frustrate the work of our hands if He finds that we are becoming proud. A loving father does discipline His children. Thankfully!

Thanks for the wonderful read!


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