Doing Life Together As We Do Life With God!

My pastor uses a phrase I like so much that I've adopted it myself. "Doing life with each other as we do life with God!" I like that. I really do. I believe God likes it as well because you see, God is all about relationships. He wants to be in relationship with us, of course, but He also wants us to be in relationship with one another.

For a large chunk of my adult life, forming relationships was rather difficult. I attended a very small church where there were several families, one of them being my own extended family. It was not exactly fertile ground for forming new relationships. I also worked as a substitute teacher in a large urban school district which meant I went from school to school to school. Yes, I did form acquaintances with teachers and other staff but that did make it difficult to form true relationships with co-workers.

I worked three days a week as a gifted/talented resource teacher. This meant I was gone from school nearly as much as I was at school. It also meant that in a school made up of "teams" I was on a team of one as I did not "fit" into any of the other teams. I was an anomaly. Of course acquaintances were formed, but I'm talking about true relationships.

In the busy days of being a wife and mom, I didn't notice this too much. However, every once in awhile I would feel the twinge that something I desperately needed was missing. I would tell myself I had God. That's great! We need God. God is, above all, the most important person to be in relationship with! I would tell myself I had my husband. Fabulous! I've always had a very strong marriage. I can freely tell my husband what is in my heart and trust him completely. We've laughed, cried and prayed together for over 30 years, first as best friends and then as husband and wife. Being in true relationship with your spouse is the desire of God's heart. I'm truly blessed yet God was tugging at my heart and saying that still wasn't enough. Not enough? No, not enough because you see, He wants us to have something more.

There came a time when I finally accepted this, but I complained to God that I tried and failed. Then I sobbingly told Him I just did not know how to do this anymore. Too much time had passed. The doors had been closed for too long. The hinges were rusty. The door had become sealed shut. That's when He said, "How about asking ME to introduce you to MY friends. I immediately stopped crying as that idea sunk into my head. Ask God to introduce me to His friends? I had never thought of such a thing. What a ridiculous idea! Or...was it? I shrugged. I certainly had nothing to lose...I would try.

Now you have to understand, relationships often take time so things didn't turn around over night. However, since that time, God has introduced me to some amazing friends. Some of them were in my own backyard. Some of them were across town. Some of them were old friends from the past I'd lost touch with and we found one another again. Some were from the new church we started attending two and a half years ago and some were new co-workers. Ironically, some of my closest friends God introduced me to was via cyberspace right here at God does work in mysterious ways!

The whole point of this blog is God desires us to be in relationship with others. God loves relationships! He loves to see us connecting with one another. This is the way He intended us to be.

I'm a member of the prayer team at church and I am continually struck by the fact that so many people are lonely. Yes, they are Christ-Followers. They might be surrounded by all sorts of people, but they are lonely because they are not truly "connected" with anyone. The enemy hates it when we're connected and does whatever he can to keep us in isolation.

Being "connected" doesn't mean you're constantly together or on the phone, etc. You might not see a person for years but still be connected. When you get together it is as if no time has passed at all. By being connected, I mean having people you can be real with. They know your faults and will even remind you of them but your relationship is such that you understand it is only because they really do love you and want you to be the best you can be. They will laugh, cry and pray with you. They willingly run up beside you when you're on a dark path and say, "Let me walk beside you." They hold up your arms when you can't hold them up to God any longer and when you sit down in the dirt and say "I can't take another step" they say, "I'm not leaving you behind." and they drag you along anyways. These are the people who say, "I want to do life with you as you do life with God."

So, take a risk. Ask God to introduce you to His friends. Ask Him to introduce you to the people He wants you to do life with as you do life with Him. I believe He will surely do just that and some amazing things will happen. You'll never regret it!

K :princess:

Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Great blog K :princess: I never though of it that way before :doh:


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