Doing Life With God And One Another

This week I was reminded yet again that God does not intend for us to attempt to do life on our own. He wants to be a part of our life. He wants to provide for us, help us deal with obstacles and challenges we face. He wants to laugh with us but he also wants to hold us in His arms and cry with us. While He knows of them already, He wants us to open up and freely tell Him of our hopes, dreams and even our fears. Too often, we set our jaw and don't want to bother God with all the "stuff". God wants to be bothered.

God created within each of us a need to be in relationships, not only with Him but with one another. We are all aware of the problem of putting human relationships ahead of God or even excluding relationship with God altogether in favor of human relationships. Are we equally aware of the problem of excluding human relationships thinking that because we are a Christian we do not need them because God is "all we need?" If God did not intend for us to have relationships with one another, He would have never wired us to be social beings.

While all of us like some alone time, none of us want to be alone every minute of every day. By alone, I am not talking about being a part of a crowd. There are more people in this world than ever before and yet feelings of loneliness are on the rise. I'm talking about relationships... friendships. We need them, not just with God but with one another.

Establishing friendships is risky. It is very risky because it can be rejected. If accepted, you can eventually be hurt. Establishing friendships, true and deep friendships makes you vulnerable and we don't like that. This means you must establish trust between friends.

While it is risky, it is also unbelievably rewarding. I remember a few years ago when I asked God to introduce me to some of His friends. That was exactly what He did and I cannot tell you how much of a blessing and encouragement those friends have been to me. A few of them have been right here at CB. We do life together as we do life with God.

This is exactly what God wants us to do. He doesn't want us to be sitting behind closed doors with "Keep Out" signs plastered all around us. I know that some Christians will disagree with me. They do not believe we should open up, be "vulnerable" lest we get hurt but do you know what? I think this is one of the major problems within the Church today. We sit on pews together or at a prayer meeting together. We plaster smiles on our faces and say polite words but we don't let anyone in.

Should we open up our hearts and be "vulnerable" with everyone? No. That is foolish but we can ask God to lead us to the people He knows will bless and encourage us and whom we will bless and encourage as well. Scary? Yes, it can be very scary, particularly if you've been wrapped up in cocoon for a very long time but if you dare to do it, you will be amazed at what God will do. Do we dare?


K :princess:

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

You are so spot on here. Ya know, sometimes it's so much easier to just say I'm fine, or its all good because opening up sucks but ya know, if I had of sat there and kept telling people I was ok when clearly I wasn't, I know for sure i would not be here commenting on this blog. Infact none of my blogs would have ever been written and I would not have gotten the opportunity to do life with you. I would have been 6 foot under with no one having a clue why.

I'm just thankful that god has placed yourself, kbird and mum in my life ( and barb, as well as others) but you 3 in particular who have helped me get back up, dust my knees off and keep walking. We have laughed together, cried together, prayed together, hugged together, eaten together and some of us have even churched it together ;)

So, thanks for doing life with me as I do it with God. I think you are amazing!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

You said . [quote]Establishing friendships, true and deep friendships makes you vulnerable and we don't like that.[/quote] sigh.. yup

nuff said.

Elizabeth Fox @whobelieve ·

I do not like opening up to people. Very terrified of being awkward or being judged or some terrible combination of the two.

I feel this way toward people and God.

I have been trying very hard in the last little bit to get past this.

Good blog, K.



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