Enduring The Winter Makes Spring All The Sweeter

It was so close! Last week, for the first time since November 11, 2010, I actually saw grass right around my house and along the edge of the driveway. True there was still plenty of snow covering the yard but there was a big cleared patch moving from the house out into the yard. Then this past Sunday, BOOM. We got hit with 18 inches of snow and back to normal weather... normal weather for Minnesota in February, that is.

If you look at the picture in this blog, you will see my infamous snowbank. For the past couple of years, I have posted a picture of it at CB and people have guessed exactly when they thought the snowbank would be all melted. This year, it is bigger than ever. This snowbank has been on the edge of my front lawn since November 11th when we were hit by a substantial snowstorm. Since above freezing weather is NOT in my forecast over the next five days, I am pretty confident my snowbank will last long into March. We typically get a lot of snow in March so unless it gets really hot, really fast, I can see this easily being here until April. While that is not desirable, it would not be all that unusual. Sigh...

Earlier this week, I told a friend who lives in a bit milder climate that I believed that I appreciated spring more than they did. They agreed. Their snow which came later than mine has now melted and is gone. I, on the other hand have been blanketed in snow for 105 days which is exactly... 15 weeks. It will be a good week before a thaw arrives...we may creep above 32 F (0C) by then.

It is not that my friend does not appreciate spring. They do! However, my winter has been longer, darker and colder than theirs. Does that make any difference? I believe it does. I believe that spring will be all the sweeter to me because of the winter I have endured.

I believe this same principal applies to our lives in this world as well. Those who have experienced the greatest sorrow and suffering will be the ones who are the most joyful at never having to endure such things ever again. Perhaps this is one of the reasons God does allow us to experience sorrow and suffering, even as Christians. So that we might truly know that He is our Savior and Deliverer!


K :princess:

Billy Beard @billyb ·

I thought about you when that was happening. Hope thats the last one. (Good place to start a big fire, next to that snow) You could always blame it on the neigbors. :eek: .. Blessings. billy

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

Spring always follows the winter of our spiritual lives but the winter is always longer when we try to battle the elements in our own strength. Waiting on God can be a challenge but it is infinitely more beneficial.

I reckon 17th April!


Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

i thought about you to when i heard about you getting more snow. i had to not complain like everyone else when it was almost 70 degrees last week and then it snowed 2 days ago . lol be blessed

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Now see, we never did get that warm for with all the snow we had on the ground... it cooled down that warm air right away. We did get up to 50 degrees though. It was funny for there was still lots of snow... and snowbanks around. Sigh... I know Spring is here somewhere. Kirk M (@Blessings2you) told me it was sighted at the B2Y Ranch last week but when I suggested he nudge it a bit this direction, he told me Spring had packed her bags and headed south down toward the home of Linda Young (@savedbyegrace).

Hmmm... Gracie?????

K :princess:


We here in windy Wyoming are once again in the frigid zone! Yeeehaaaaw! Just a few days back it was in the 50s now we are in -20 land! Oh well! Keep warm and God Bless! In Christ-Dave

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

LOL! ok firstly... can i come play in the snowbank??? pleaseeeeeee! i will be good and i will not line up @cowgirldiva and throw snow balls at her.. Promise! ;)

as for the heat.. i have it here ready for you.. it will hopefully be there soon, but you know what the mail service is like.. im thinking it wont be there til late march. Sorry for the inconvenience!! tomorrow we are expecting it to hit 29c.. which is ummmm.. 84.2F

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