Even The Least Little Thing...

I'm currently participating in a women's small group every Tuesday night. We meet at Panera. We are reading a book called "Better Than Our Dreams" by Paula Rinehart. We all have dreams in this life. As we get older, however, we quickly discover that either those dreams don't always get fulfilled or their not half as good as we thought they'd be. Sometimes our dreams are nothing like God's dream for us and we may find ourselves on roads we never expected to be on or unable to get on a road we hoped to be on.

We have some amazing people here at CB. I rejoice at all the wonderful ways that God uses them. We have people who have had some amazing opportunities and are so gifted in many ways. There are amazing Bible scholars, teachers of the Word of God, gifted writers, speakers, administrators, ministers, etc. There are people who have taken the Gospel all over the world. They have seen and done amazing things. Praise God!

It is easy to suddenly feel like you are very small and insignificant. You look at your life and you think "What have I done?" Sometimes, you may even feel like God is disappointed in you. I sort of felt like that after I got home last night. Just a tiny little insignificant piece in the grand scheme of things.

I have a good friend who I can vent at. They're a good friend not only because they listen. They also speak the truth to me and don't let me get away with this sort of "junk". They quickly reminded me of some things I needed to be reminded of. That also reminded me of an incident which occurred yesterday. Sort of a little object lesson to drive home the point.

It happened with one of the ferris wheels. The kids turned on the motor and it turned the axle but...nothing happened. The ferris wheel was built correctly except...there was one very tiny piece missing. It was a connector about the size of your thumbnail. It has a tiny horizontal post or rod on it. It's just a tiny little thing. I'll post a picture below so people can see what I am talking about. Anyways, that little connector had to be clipped onto the axle and the little horizontal post had to be inserted into one of the holes of a piece around the axle. I remember the kids saying. "That little piece can't make a difference!"

I smiled as I slipped the missing piece into the correct position. I knew what would happen. Now the motor and the axle were attached appropriately. Skeptically, one of the kids turned on the motor and the ferris wheel began to turn.

You know, it is okay to be a tiny piece for sometimes a tiny piece is exactly what is needed to do the job. Nothing else will work except that tiny piece.

It is good to be a part of God's plan even if you are a tiny piece for God still says you are important! Better to be a tiny piece in God's plan than a giant piece in your own! Those plans will pass away but God's plan is eternal. Just think! God has a plan for us even in heaven! God always has a plan! I don't know what it will be but I know it will be the very best for He is God!
The tiny but crucial missing piece.
This is where the piece goes. You can see it if you look carefully between the two "pinwheels"


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