Faith Is To Believe Before You See

A recent blog by B2Y called Do Not Allow The 5 Senses To Defeat Your Faith , got me to thinking about a story I'd heard as a little girl in regards to faith.

A little girl stood by the door of the cellar and peeked down into it. She could hear her father down there working but as she peered through the darkness, she could not see him. She asked him if she could come down and he said yes. She told him there were no steps. He said that was right, she had to jump down into the cellar and he would catch her.

Of course, the idea of doing that frightened her very much. She didn't relish the idea of jumping down into the darkness. Timidly she said, "But Daddy, it is dark and I can't see you." Her father replied, "That's all right. I can see you and I will not let you fall." :(

There are times in our lives when it is so dark. We struggle to see the light but we cannot. Oh, how we want the darkness to fade! Often, we become paralyzed in the dark, fearful of moving in any direction. This is when we must remember that even if we cannot see God, even if we cannot hear His voice or feel His presence, God sees us, God hears us and God is able touch us...even in the darkness.

Clinging to that knowledge no matter what is faith...


K :princess:

Ted Foy @following ·

Awesome blog...loved the parable and of course it teaches a Biblical truth. Thanks for sharing.


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Great blog K :princess:
Another reminder that -he will never leave us or forsake us.


K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Indeed He will not, Poo. Indeed, He will not!


K :princess: