Fear Not, For I Am With You

As I read these words this morning, I thought about the time I went to sleep and came very close to not waking up. Who can say how often that possibility looms on the horizon for all of us? I don't know but I do know that for me, that became a very real possibility shortly before midnight on December 8, 2009. If God would not have rescued me, I wouldn't be alive today. I know that, my family knows that and my friends know that. Even non-Christians who have heard the details say, "God was with you." He was and He still is.

Every moment of our lives, God is there. He never takes His eye off of us even for a moment. It is important that we understand that for when we do, it goes a long way in building our trust in God. We can face and endure all things for we are confident that regardless of the outcome, God has us. He has us and we are safe.

Does this mean nothing bad will ever happen to us in the physical sense? No. We may still face the job loss, the foreclosure, the broken relationship, the illness, the pain and even death. The point it, God will walk with us through all of these things. Will we be like an angry child, attempting to yank our hand away and go off in a fit or will we clench His hand even more tightly?

Let us trust in the Lord and remember to fear not for God is with us.


K :princess:


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