Five Years At CB: The Adventure Continues...

Five years ago today, I became a member of To tell you the truth, at the time I had no understanding that decision would have such a major impact on my life but it has. I am so glad that God led me to this community for to me, CB is much more than just a place to blog. I could do that anywhere. CB is a community. A community of brothers and sisters in Christ... a community of friends.

I remember that day in July 2007 when my son told me that I ought to blog. I laughed at him. I’d heard the term before but I had never even read someone’s blog before. Besides, who would ever want to read anything I’d written.

My son was persistant. “Mom, I still think you should start blogging.” I laughed again and told him I would think about it.

Later that evening, I sat in front of my computer, thinking. Maybe I should poke around but I’d heard some things about blog sites. Though I hadn’t been on one before, I had been on news sites where people would comment on an article and I had noticed that often times people would say some pretty awful things and even get into arguments with one another.

I knew that if I were to blog, it would be about my life and that of course, would involve God. While I did not mind people having a difference of opinion, the idea of a crowd of people jumping in and ripping into myself and others just did not appeal to me.

On an impulse, I did what so many others on this site did. I typed in the words “Christian blog” and promptly arrived at on July 29, 2007. I liked what I saw and decided to become a member. In less than a week I became a pledge partner and made an additional donation because aside from the perks of a paid membership, I believed in what CB was doing. I have been a supporter of CB ever since, not just financially but I have also gifted it with my time and with my prayers.

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer and going through treatment from December 2007-August 2008, the CB community was there for me. Due to the aggressiveness of my treatment, I was homebound the majority of the time and other than church and medical appointments, CB became my link with the outside world. People prayed for me and encouraged me, sometimes in the dead of night. This is one of the advantages of a global online community. Someone is usually up and about.

When I suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm and stroke in December 2009, the CB community moved in to action as soon as my husband got word to our friend Kirk M (Kirk M (@Blessings2you)) about what had happened. He alerted the CB community to what had happened via a blog and immediately the community responded with their prayers. Those who were able to contact my family personally, did so. It would be more than a week before I would become aware of this outpouring of love and prayers but I will never forget how much I was moved by the messages and cards I had received as well as a few phone calls.

When I ended up having to go on disability a year later due to residual effects of the rupture, CB members once again held me up in prayer as my husband and I faced some very uncertain times and even the threat of losing our home. God has been faithfully helping us navigate these stormy seas but I am also very thankful for the love and support of His children here at CB.

About two years ago, my husband and I were at a small group meeting. During some casual conversation, a woman began talking about cyber communities and how she did not see how it was possible for people to really form “real” friendships online. I stiffened but before I could say anything, my husband spoke up. He politely and quietly told her that she didn’t know what she was talking about. Then he proceeded to tell her about the CB community. He told her of the love and support we had received and talked about the people he had met either in person or talked to by other methods.

I was rather moved by what he said because you see, my husband is not a member of CB. However, he is a supporter of it. :mrgreen:

I could tell a lot of “CB stories” but I won’t. I would however, like to thank a few of my CB friends for for their love and support over the years: my “twin” Alison Stewart (@Kiwibird) and Ian Stewart (@Irishimport) and Hannah Stewart (@Kiwigirl), Kirk M (Kirk M (@Blessings2you)) and Beth M (@Blest), Gail A Odongo (@Shani), Joyce Bethy Ferguson (@Bethy), @Harkrider, Linda Young (@Savedbyegrace), Marsha Tyler Ronquist (@Kraftykatz), Sandy Brooks (@Poodlelady), Tl Sia (@Doulos), Benjamin Foulks (@Galahad), Alan Nethery (@Shadowalker) and @Shadowslady, Christopher Quek (@Arisensleeper) and of course @John. Truthfully... I just realized the list goes on and on so I will simply say,


...and the adventure continues.


K :princess:

Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

Happy 5th Cb anniversary!!!

K, you are MORE than welcome! I love doing life with you! Ive been fortunate enough to have done 3 of the 5 years with you and the things you have taught me are things that I will forever hold dear to me. For one, you have showed me how to be the princess God has called me to be. You have taught me to embrace my femininity but be strong in it! Youve also showed me that I can't let me circumstance dictate my attitude.

Thankyou for your time, patience and prayers. Thankyou for believing in me when I didn't and thankyou for helping me raise my hands when I couldn't do it myself! You have blessed me more than I can ever tell you. Here's to another 55 years! Can't wait to come hang with you and Dave!

Love and blessings!
Shani x

Tina Edwin @tinaesanil ·

Te Lord Himself Goes Before You He Will Be With You [ deut.31:8]

Happy Anniversary Dear K... :flower:

May HIS Richest Blessings Be with You as you continue to be a blessing to others.. :heart:

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

And you don't look a day older than when you first arrived :mrgreen:

Thank you for doing life with me K.


Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Yes, for many ordinary people it is not possible to develop friendships (let alone relationships) through cyber space. But, you are most certainly NOT an ordinary people!!!!! In fact, you are one of the most extraordinary people God has allowed me to call a friend in this life. Thank you for sticking around here and for being the incredible friend to so many that you are and especially to Blest and me.

Happy Anniversary and I thank God you came here, that you stayed here and that you continue to be here blessing us with your wit, wisdom and most of all your friendship.


Marsha Tyler Ronquist @kraftykatz ·

Happy Anniversary to you. I have enjoyed getting to know you and all the other wonderful friends I have found here. We came here to blog, to share thoughts feelings and beliefs, but we found a community of loving caring people.


Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

K :princess:
Happy 5th Anniversary :clap: I know like many of us here at CB you have been blessed by many here: but I want to add you have uplifted and blessed many of us here and had you not come here we would have missed that support and many blessings.

Blessings :heart:

Alan Nethery @shadowalker ·

Happy Anniversary! :dance:

I have enjoyed picking on you, sharing experiences with you, and praying with you. -It is a shame that some Christians cannot understand that friendship and fellowship can be found anywhere. It just requires a willingness to up open and share of self, and an investment of time to get know someone.

-As a corollary, I guess I must add that it also requires that we reject the Spirit of Fear. -Fear is never from the Lord. My wife says that I have never met a stranger... I can say the same for you, my friend/sister. Thank you for your boldness and your willingness to give of self! -And thank you for the blessing you have been to me!



Everyone needs a blessing now and again, thank God we have one - YOU.

Happy 5 years, looking forward to more.
You and your Family are always in our prayers along with the whole of the C.B. community.

Faith is built up by sharing testimonies - so ours has been.

Rob Henson @greybear ·

Please forgive the late response, but congratz on your 5th.

CB has so many beautiful personalities that have made it a community like no other. It is exciting to read about how a decision by it's owner to step out and create the platform for such a community has become a real life extended family for you. It has been blessed and fulfilled by the people who now populate its pages, posts, photos, comments and its chats. Your story is amazing and is exactly what God had intended CB to be for you each time you have needed them. Blessings to you K.

In Christ,

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Yikes! I almost missed the party. I think I'm past being fashionably late.

Truly, K :princess: you have been an inspiration to us all.

I could go on and on, but I'll simply say, Happy Anniversary! and many more. :birthday:


John B. Abela @abelajohnb ·

You have been a true blessing to the CB community over the last five years, thank you for all that you do!

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