Fix Your Eyes On Him

A few years ago, I remember trying an experiment. I attempted to leave the room by fixing my eyes, not on the doorway but on the room around me. Instead of getting to the place I really wanted to be, I found myself going nowhere except round and round the room. Why? Because my feet followed what my eyes were fixed upon. As long as they were fixed on the walls or the window, I remained trapped in the room. In order to leave the room, I had to not only think about leaving the room, I had to fix my eyes on the doorway and move in that direction. Once I did that, I no longer wandered around aimlessly. I purposely strode to the doorway and walked right on through it without any hesitation or side trips. The only thing that had changed was that my eyes were fixed on where I wanted to be instead of where I was at the moment.

Where are your eyes fixed? Are they fixed on your circumstances, the place where you are at the moment? If they are, you will not end up where you want to be. You will just keep on going round and round and round in circles, unable to move beyond the walls that imprison you. Instead you must look at the Door which is Jesus Christ (John 10:7). Yes, He is the Door through which we must enter in order to be saved but He is also the Door through which we receive protection, deliverance and provision.  

Where are your eyes fixed?

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·


Deepa N @deepaanne ·

My eyes are on Jesus is what I want to say.. but still goes is all round me throughout the day..

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