Fix Your Eyes On The Light

Yesterday I stumbled across a blog I wrote seven years ago entitled The Lord God Is Our Provider

At the time I wrote it, I did not know that 13 months later I would be placed on an administrative leave with pay pending examinations to determine if there were residual effects from my subarachnoid hemorrhage that were affecting my performance. I did not know at the time that a year later I would be granted long-term disability and eventually it would be determined that I was permanently disabled. I did not know we would soon lose 60% of our income though we would eventually recover some of what was lost. I did not know that less than three years after I wrote this, my husband would lose his job, a job he'd had for over 27 years. I did not know he would not get a permanent job for 13 months and that each day we truly knew that God was providing our daily bread. I didn't know all of these things then but I knew these words were true:

In times of trouble and uncertainty, we need to remember that God will never abandon us. We are not forsaken. Things may not play out according to your plan but you can be confident they will be done according to God's plan and His plan is the very best!

Over the past seven years since I wrote those words, I can attest they are true. Despite all the things I described, God never abandoned us. Never.

The fire of adversity is what proves and refines your faith. Though you may cry out in pain and confusion it is important to remember that even if you do not feel God's presence, even if you do not see the answer, even if you do not understand, God is with us in even the fiercest of storms. We must fix our eyes in the direction of the Light, even if we can't see it. We must trust that God will eventually bring us into "Safe Harbor" no matter what. 

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 K Reynolds
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Les Braswell (@doneuntotheleast)

Excellent word K.! Thank you for sharing and pointing focus to the One Who is never surprised or shaken by anything which may happen in our temporal lives. In Him, Les