Following Jesus...Wherever He Leads

How the lamb loved to follow the Shepherd! The soft, green grass not only felt good, it tasted good! Oh, how the lamb loved to take deep drinks of the cool, clear and still waters. Ah! The lamb was certain there was no better place to be. She wanted to stay here with the Shepherd forever!

One day, the lamb noticed the Shepherd seemed to be preparing for a long journey. Where was He going? Oh no! The Shepherd was leaving! Wait... no, the Shepherd was smiling at her and calling her. Whew! She wasn't going to be left behind. Relieved, she raced over to her beloved Shepherd and gazed up at Him lovingly.

As the Shepherd patted her, He gazed at her lovingly and tenderly. How He loved His precious, little lamb!
He called to her and she eagerly followed Him past the still waters and through the green pasture. Suddenly, she stopped. Where was the Shepherd leading her?

She blinked. There must be some horrible mistake! She looked up at the Shepherd, puzzled for suddenly the pleasant path before her turned into a rough and rocky road. There were no cool, refreshing springs of water, at least none that she could see. The hot wind blew across the desert sand. There were no green pastures, in fact, there was no vegetation in sight, at least none that she could see. The sun beat down upon the baked sand as she scanned the horizon for some shade trees. She couldn't see any. :cry:

Surely the Shepherd would realize His mistake and turn around! Wait a minute! He was not turning around. Instead, He smiled at her. He called her name and then began to set off across the desert.

"No, no, no! This cannot be right!" she bleated. She cried for the Shepherd to come back to her but... His only reply was to hold out His hands toward her and beckon her to follow Him. Follow Him?

She looked back at the beautiful pasture where she had been. How she loved that place! However, there was something missing... the Shepherd was not there. The Shepherd was on that horrible desert road. Which did she love more? The beautiful, green valley... or the Shepherd? Would she follow Him wherever He would lead her or would she refuse to follow Him?

She stumbled across the rocks, crying out for the Shepherd. Oh, she did not care how green the pasture was.. without the Shepherd it would be like a desert! She wanted to follow Him... no matter where He would lead her.

The Shepherd is teaching her many things during her journey. Things which she would have never learned back in that green valley. Walking the rough and stony paths and climbing the high and dangerous mountains have not been easy but she has gained a strength she could have never gained lying in the soft grass beside the still waters.

She stays close to Him out there on that trail for there are many dangers. Her love for Him has grown more with each passing day and she truly is dependent upon the Shepherd to care for her every need.

The desert is not as barren as she first thought and it is not uncommon to come across a beautiful oasis where she might receive refreshment and rest. Also, while she thought she would have no companions as she traveled, the Shepherd thought it best to have some other lambs travel along with her. Oh how He loves to watch them encourage one another and race about together!

She will not be in the desert forever. Someday, the final journey will be over. As she looks down upon the green pastures and still waters which have been prepared for her, she will know that the VERY best has finally come... and she will dwell in the House of the Lord FOREVER! :dance:


Maria Abigail Guevarra @purifymyheart ·

Tears came falling as I was reading this blog.
Thank you for sharing this with us, :princess:k.

"Oh, she did not care how green the pasture was.. without the Shepherd it would be like a desert!"




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