For What Do You Seek


I re-read a blog by John Knox (@watchmanjohn) this morning entitled The Window The Rope And The Basket. It is a blog well-worth reading over and over again for it is far too easy to do what a friend of mine calls "seeking God's hand rather than His face".

At first glance you might be thinking, "But it is not a bad thing to seek God's hand." No, I suppose it isn't, in the beginning at least, but isn't it far better to seek His face? At this point you might be asking, "What's the difference?" of perhaps even "What's the difference?"

During His earthly ministry, there was a time when great crowds of people followed Him and they did so for a variety of reasons. Some people followed Him because they were revolutionaries, looking for a Messiah who would set them free from the bondage of Rome. Others followed Him because He had become a popular teacher. Others came seeking physical healing. Then there were those who wanted to see miracles and of course than boast to their friends that they were there and had seen it with their own eyes. The scoffers and fault-finders were there as well, looking for ways to discredit Jesus. They are always there as well as the curious and those who are simply looking for a bit of excitement and love to follow the crowd, any crowd, anywhere. 

Regardless of their reasons, they came to see Jesus and that was a good thing. It placed them into a position to have their lives radically transformed by God if they began to seek the Face of God rather than just His hand. 

There came a point in Jesus' ministry when many of His disciples began to forsake Him. His preaching became "too hard". It was during this time when Jesus asked the Twelve if they would leave Him as well. Their response is recorded in John 6:68-69. Where else would they go for they knew Jesus was "the Holy One of God". These men were not following Jesus because they wanted to see miracles, healings, governments overthrown or because He was the latest fad. They wanted to follow Jesus because of who He was. His hand was great but they wanted more than just the hand. They wanted His face.

What do you seek? Do you just seek God's hand or are you more interested in His face?

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John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Good word - enjoyed

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

Well said.

Steve Hurt @steveh ·

Well said.