Fulfilling ALL of our Roles

I've been reading some blogs about the roles of women. However, they also gave me something else to think about. Men also have a role they need to accept with joy also. Perhaps working with inner-city children has given me much too close a view of what happens when this fails to occur. In western society, at least, fulfilling this role toward wives and children has been dismal to say the least. Before someone misunderstands me, I want to hasten to add there are many godly men who have taken up the responsibilities God has given them and doing what he has commanded them to you. God always has a remnant! To see men of God in our world brings joy to a woman's heart:heart:

However, that same heart can be so easily crushed to pieces...in spite of the "tough" front. I pray that God gives a man a glimpse into his wife's heart for just a moment. If a man could see into it, I think many would be much more careful in what they say or do.

I am tired of absent fathers who might sweep onto the scene for a moment now and then; make promises to their child and only disappear again for another year or two. I've seen the devastation that leaves behind. I've held more than one child as they've cried because daddy was leaving again and he promised he wouldn't do that again. I'm tired of fathers who leave the mothers of their children to care for them on their own. They swoop down on them with money and promises only to leave broken hearts, promises and weeping families behind.

I've held little ones who sobbingly tell me daddy is back in jail again or even though daddy is bad they love him anyways. I've watched children wait in vain for fathers who never show up to watch their child perform at school. Oh yes, daddy will be here. We had a big party last night and daddy promised me he'd come. Guess what...daddy doesn't come.
I could continue on, but I'll stop.

I am certainly thankful that my husband has not "locked" himself into a specific role in regards to caring for me during my chemo treatments. This past hour or so is the longest I've been awake in about a day and a half. Periodically, I was awakened during the day. A couple of times it was to give me some meds. Sometimes it was to make sure I was getting enough to drink or I was warmly covered. We had another snow storm today and my husband didn't want me to get chilled. Another time it was to bring me some lunch. I peeked downstairs once or twice. I saw him scrubbing my white-tiled kitchen and foyer. He'd mopped the dining room floor as well, cleaned the oven and I don't know what else. That wasn't his "role" but he knew there were things to be done that I couldn't do right now. Thankfully, he views taking care of me a primary role and if that includes scrubbing floors for me...then so be it.

The whole point is to have our own houses set in order, but always remembering that husbands and wives are to help each other when one can't fulfill their role. If we have our own houses set in order, the end result will be that the house of God will be in order as well. Sometimes we get this backwards. This is just something to think about? Is your own house in order?