Functioning Within The Body of Christ

I sat at a counter on Saturday morning watching her with fascination as well as admiration. She was a tiny woman, small in both frame and stature. Her spine was curved giving her the appearance of being off-balanced. She had been standing still when I first saw her standing by the grill and I assumed she was a waitress. I was wrong. She was the short-order cook at a small but very busy restaurant that had been around for 52 years. She was the only cook. Then I saw her fly into action.

With practiced skill, she had the grace of a dancer. She knew exactly what she needed to do and not a single movement was unnecessary. Like someone conducting a symphony, she read the orders and executed each of them perfectly. She knew exactly when to crack the eggs, make the pancakes, put on the ham, sausage, or bacon. She knew the very moment that she needed to put chopped vegetables on the grill for omelets or Potatoes O'Brien and knew exactly when to remove them so that they retained their crispness.

A server nearly interrupted her timing. With a single sharp word, she got him back on track without missing a beat. I was mesmerized watching her.

Breakfast was served. I eyed my husband's fluffy and perfectly done pancakes and wished I could snatch those too before I turned to my own delicious breakfast. Mmm... it was just right.

She must have been aware of a few comments my husband and I had made to one another as we watched her perform for before breakfast was over, she had a moment to take a breath and approached us.

"How is everything?"

"It's perfect, absolutely perfect!" I gushed.

She grinned as I told her I had been watching her closely while she prepared it.

"I started working here when I was 15 years old." I glanced at her and decided that must have been at least 30 years ago.

"I was hired as a waitress but the first night, the cook and the busboy got into a fist fight. We had customers here and more people coming in. Someone had to do something and I thought I had a knack for cooking so... I jumped in and started cooking. I've been cooking here ever since."

After I left, I thought about how often the Body of Christ does not function in the manner which she does. The Word of God is very clear on how we are to function within the Body of Christ. The problem is... we don't listen or we complain about those "disabled" or "weaker" members of the body and make no attempt to compensate for or help those who are weaker. We criticize them.

When will we learn that we are all in this together? We really are. When we are focused on what God wants us to do and doing our part, we will be amazed at how much that will help other members be able to function as they should as well. Together we will do amazing things with God's help despite all "handicaps" we may encounter. So, let's roll up our sleeves and work together!


K :princess:

Lum Patterson @lummichaelpatterson ·

Enjoyed the blog. It is up to each of us to do our job within the Church which is the body of Christ and it is up to each of us to help our brothers and sisters as we strive for the unity of oneness Jesus prayed about in John 17. Thanks for the encouragement.

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Great illustration, K :princess: !

Sad but true, I think the Body of Christ and our inability to work together really grieve the Lord. We should all be about His business, and if our pride wouldn't get in the way, we could stop thinking about self and embrace and help and encourage everyone else about His business too.