Further Out Or Further In?

I was thinking about the phrase, "rock bottom" today. What this means is you have reached the lowest level and you cannot go any further. It came to mind, however, that while hitting "rock bottom" will often cause a person to "wake-up" and try to do something about their situation, sometimes it has the opposite effect. It is like the person gets out a jackhammer and attempts to break through the rock so that they can sink even lower.

This suggests to me that we have three choices when we hit rock bottom.

1. We can lie on the bottom, dig our heels in and cling to that bottom for all we are worth.

2. We can grab a jackhammer and see if we can sink even lower hence causing us to go further down or further out from where we need to be.

3. We can choose to get up and begin to move closer or further in to where we should be. 

The enemy will attempt to tell you that you have no choice. He will tell you that you must sink lower or at the very least, remain exactly where you are. The enemy is a liar.

No matter how deep we have sunk, no matter how far we have roamed, God hears our cry and His hand is not shortened so that He cannot reach us. (Isaiah 59:1) God alone will lift us up and set our feet on firm ground. (Psalm 40:2) 

Are you going to continue to go further out from God or will you go further in?