Get Out Of The Way!

Today, during my devotions I read the following quote by Carter Conlon:

You will never rely on the supernatural until the natural ends. In other words, until you come to the end of yourself, you will not experience the power of God working out the impossible in your life.

I stopped dead in my tracks, confronted by my own guilt. How often have I gone to God pleading with Him to "do something" only to find myself formulating Plan A, B, C and even Plan ZZZ before I even get up off my knees? Lest you find yourself mumbling, "Well, I don't do it that much", consider this. How often is too much? Gulp!

It is time to stop justifying wrong behavior and own up to it. We cannot have "sort of, kind of, maybe" faith because quite frankly, that is not faith. It is impossible for faith and doubt to co-exist. You can be hesitant about stepping out in faith but faith causes you to "take the plunge" no matter what whereas doubt causes you to remain cowering on the ledge.

As painful as it is for me to admit, there are times I really struggle with fully relying on God. I want to see the Red Sea part first. I want to see the Pillar of Fire descending from Heaven lighting up the sky. I want to see see the Fourth Man in the fire before I declare I won't bow down. I want to see the giant slain before I have the courage to face him with only a sling and five smooth stones. I am like Elisha's servant. I want to see the Lord's Army surrounding the enemy before I believe God will deliver me.


It is not like that most of the time. God doesn't want me to have faith in those things. He wants me to have faith in Him. That means I must believe in Him rather than in the miracle. That means I must learn to not only say it but accept that God has it, He does not need my assistance and I need to get out of His way and let Him do the work.

Is this easy to do? No, it is not. However it is something everyone of us must learn to do and once we do, we will wonder why we did not do it sooner.

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

Yes 'child-like faith' is easy to say and slightly harder to comprehend but almost nigh impossible to practice - speaking from my own experience; but it is the only way to please God

Beth M @blest ·

Wow. Boom. Ouch. Nailed it!
Love you dear friend, and you remain in my prayers. Thank you for this rather painful blog.

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