Get Your Free Minnesota White Christmas Kits

First I want to make a very clear that I have not run this by Diva nor any of the other Minnesotans on this site but I am confident that they will not object to this.

At the moment, a winter storm is swirling around me. The actual blizzard will not quite reach me but still there will still be about eight inches or so of snow in my backyard tomorrow and there are respectable wind gusts of 20-25 mph. The temps are going to dip below zero as well over the next few days.

I got to thinking that perhaps the rest of you who do not live in Minnesota might think we are a bit... stingy. I can assure you, we are not! Why we really are a very generous people and to prove it, we will make you a fine offer. This is an offer you simply cannot refuse. Everyone loves a white Christmas right? Well, perhaps Shani would not like it for she always wants to head to the beach on Christmas Day but most people...

Anyway, I was thinking that since the blizzard has moved further north and is banging on my back door, we Minnesotans will have more than enough snow to share with everyone here at CB. Now of course, some of you live in ridiculously warm climates. I do not understand how you can possibly endure that to tell you the truth but that is beside the point. This means it is too warm for the snow. However, here in Minnesota we are dipping into subzero (Fahrenheit) temperatures tomorrow and it will be nice and cold for at least a week. Undoubtedly much longer, LOL! So if the other Minnesotans do not object, I will be happy to send a nice supply of arctic ... I mean cool, refreshing air along with your snow.

No, do not thank me. I will undoubtedly have to head out for school tomorrow even if there is a blizzard for my school district does not believe in shutting down for a little thing like blizzards. The last time they closed was over 10 years ago and they put up a terrible fuss about that. They weren't going to do it even though the windchills were -50. Why the governor had to step in and order them closed! This is true. He did. So since I must be out and about in the storm anyway, it will be no trouble for me to stop by the post office (which never closes either as it is a 24 hour one) and send you your free "Minnesota White Christmas" kit... which requires no assembly other than making a nice cup of hot cocoa and makes a great gift for yourself or someone you love.


K :princess:

Greg Lohr @gregory ·

Wow...amazing...I used to wonder how those in snow areas handled snow and school closings. I moved from Va. to SC 20 years ago. In Va. it took quite a bit to close schools, and ice was always something they never played with. But in SC...they don't have snow equipment. I remember the first snow fall, which wasn't really a snow fall, and when the first few flurries hit, the radio announced they were closing schools. I turned to the people in the office where I was working and asked them what was going on, there wasn't even a hint of coverage and I wasn't used to schools closing until there were several inches on the ground or it had iced overnight. It was then I learned that SC doesn't have snow equipment other than a few trucks to spread sand and a handful of trucks in case of emergencies. One lesson I learned though from one here can drive in the snow when it does happen, so those of us that do know how to drive in it should just stay home, otherwise, we can expect to be hit by those who don't know how to drive in the snow. Although I enjoy a warmer winter and lower heating bills, I do MISS THE SNOW. But I can do without the bad drivers...ha ha.

Now if only I could see a white Christmas!!!

Billy Beard @billyb ·

A breath of fresh air, but wow it was COLD:) My son would love to have that snow, we cancel in Tennessee if it just does flurries, or gets within 30 miles.

I hope the only white Christmas I see, is on the picture we have in the living room! I`m a whimp when it comes to cold and snow and ice. I really enjoyed the blog though, it was great. In Christ, Billy

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Are you trying to pull a swiftie here K :princess: ?

for Im really not sure you are doing this to share either christmas cheer or good will !!!
Cool!!! refreshing!!! talk about taking liberties with the truth. HA
yours happy to be chilly.

:heart: .b.
Shani Matthews @shanijane ·

LOL. a hot chocolate on christmas day.. No way. Pass down the ice cold water and or soft drink. anything that can quench ya thirst and ease the sweating, so that the flies dont hang around too long whislt ya roasting away in the sun.

the beach and christmas day go hand in hand!
Loveee it.

Blessings, Shani

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

I've told you, and I've told you, and I've told you. Take a sabbatical, pack your togs and your toothbrush and come on down :mrgreen:

We are on 'sunshine all the way' mode. Been trying to decide on what salad stuff to have for Christmas!

Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

I'd like to order my White Christmas kit, please. But let me know before you send it, because I'd like to getting a running start to the grocery store. Here in the Atlanta area, we close everything at the mere thought of snow . . . and EVERYONE heads to the grocery store for milk and bread. Even if you don't need milk and bread, you have to go get it. It's an unspoken law.

Art Schnatterly @aliveintheword ·

Ladyvogue could use one of those kits in Miami! Express mail, please.

In Maryland they also had a blizzard recently. They did close the schools this past Monday, but it was not because they didn't have the equipment to clear the roads. Nope!

The road cleariing equipment was "confiscated" to clear the parking lots and access roads for a professional football game!

well, at least we know where the priorites lie!

Glad to have you back, K!

Shalom, Art

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

Oh, I had forgotten about this! LOL! As you all know, I was AWOL filling out the orders sent to the east coast last week. I am stocking up today and tomorrow and yes, plenty are available for express shipping on Christmas morning. I will sent it via Alberta Clipper to those who can't wait until after Christmas.

Good to be back, Art!


K :princess: