Give Me Springs As Well!

Acsah, the daughter of Joshua was grateful. She really was. Her father, Caleb, had been kind enough to give her land. He didn't have to do that because she was a daughter rather than a son but Caleb did it anyway.

There was a problem however. The land she inherited was in the Negev, a desert area and without water it would be useless. This could end up being a rather serious problem.

Caleb had given Acsah as wife to his nephew Othniel. In Judges 15:18 we find that Acsah urges her husband to ask her father for an additional field but in verse 19, something rather interesting occurs. As Acsah dismounts her donkey, Caleb addresses her rather than her husband. "What is it? What can I do for you? (Judges 15:19 NLT)

Acknowledging that Cleb has already been kind enough in even giving her land (normally only sons inherited land unless there were no sons), she requested that he give her springs as well. Caleb generously grants her request by giving her both the upper and lower springs which would ensure that the land she inherited would be fertile and fruitful, fed by springs of living water.

Though our "tents" may be pitched out in "The Negev", we can ask our Heavenly Father to provide us with springs of living water that will flow into the desert. Not only will He do so, but He will do so generously and more so than we ever imagined so that our soul will be watered and refreshed. All we have to do is ask.


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