Give Us This Day, Our Daily Bread

God has been taking me on some amazing faith journeys over the past three and a half years. I've gone through cancer treatment, a ruptured brain aneurysm which resulted in a subarachnoid hemorrhage and stroke and now nearly a year and a half later, I am on a medical leave of absence because of some detected cognitive impairment as a result of one or both of these things. At the moment, I am going through the maze of attempting to collect long-term disability. A tough process becomes even tougher when the brain is involved. In case you're wondering, no one is exactly lining up to to hire someone with a cognitive disorder. It is not exactly a selling point!

So, once again, my husband and I are learning to walk by faith and not by sight. We are re-visiting lessons which have been learned in the past. Our daily bread is not provided by our jobs or any other type of compensation. While God may use those as tools to provide for us, our daily bread comes from God and God alone.

God's response to the sluggish reluctance of the long term insurance provider has been rather interesting to say the least. I got what may very well be my last paycheck on March 25th. Yesterday, my husband sent me an email. He had just been able to view is upcoming check online and with all of the overtime due to events he had to work, including a 10 day tour with a music group from the college... the amount was $269.00 short of what a "normal" check and my check would have been combined. I can deal with the $269.00 shortfall. I can snip a few things here and there by shopping carefully, not making any unnecessary trips and stretching a few dollars. I have done that before and I can do it again. Ironically, the grocery circular I just got in the mail today is filled with specials on the very items I need. God is good!

While God is not some sort of genie or vending machine, He is our Heavenly Father who cares for us and provides our needs... just like He cares for the lilies of the field and the sparrows. He is reminding me once again that although I am a :princess: wandering in a dark and dangerous world, I am not alone. I am under the protection of the King Himself... and it is well with my soul!


K :princess:
You O Lord, keep my lamp burning; my God turns my darkness into light. Ps. 18:28

Raynard Shellow @iraqivetsgtret ·

As I thought about my upcoming 4th year as apart of this ministry, I want to thank you in public. your faithfulness in"the eye of the storm' is a great encouragement and i'm the more blessed by it. be blessed and thanks for everything you do here in God's kingdom