Giving Thanks With A Grateful Heart

Once there were 10 men with a horrible disease called leprosy. As was the custom and according to the law, these men were isolated from the rest of society. They lived outside of the city and if they resided with anyone at all, it was other people with leprosy. It was a miserable and isolated existence!

These men were desperate! One day they encountered Jesus. They were prohibited from approaching him so they cried out to him, begging for mercy. (Luke 17:11-13) Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priest as according to the law when a person was no longer a leper. (Leviticus 14:1-7)

The ten men immediately did as they were instructed. As they went, their healing took place. Oh what great joy these men must have had! They were so joyful that nine of them continued on their way without a word of thanks. Oops!

There was one man, however that just could not possibly continue going on. Yes, he had been told to go to the priest but... wait... there was something he absolutely had to do first. Some people might even go so far as to say this man was disobedient but Jesus didn't think so! He was so happy! He just couldn't go his merry old way. He had to come back. He had to come back and give thanks. (Luke 17:17-19)

After reading John's message this morning, I could not help but think about how thankful I am to God for bringing me to this site. I could not help but think how thankful I am that John stepped out in obedience and faith and started/operates this site. I think about that often, actually. Very often. If you are an old member, you will know how God has used this site to minister to me. If you are a newer member, well... you will just have to read my blogs won't you. 😉

I could come up with lots of reasons as to why I could not give. I don't. Instead, I ask God to enable me to give and He has. One way or another He has. He even enabled me to give at times when I was going through cancer treatment. He has even enabled me to give some during my most recent medical crisis and I did not receive pay from my employer for six weeks.

Perhaps it was not as much but it was something. God provided it because He knew I had a desire to bless this site and He honored that. Perhaps... perhaps we should not be so quick to say, "I can't!" Perhaps instead we should be going to the Father and asking Him to let us help. Just a thought.


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Amen, K,

I like the story you used here, it fits well. I hope many will read John's blog and step up to the challenge that ptl posted in there.