God Hears Our Every Cry...Even When No One Else Can

God hears our every cry. I learned the power of prayer nearly 45 years ago and it has been proved to me over and over again. God hears and answers the prayers of His children. His answer might not be the answer we like or it might not be the way we envisioned it... but He answers our prayers.

One day, when I was about four years old, my friend Denise came over from across the alley to play with me. We were happily playing in my room when I looked at the closet and suddenly got an idea. The closet had a wooden door which reminded me of the door of a little... cottage. Hmm... a playhouse! What fun!

Denise and I climbed into the little closet and pushed aside the hanging clothes. We had to stand on top of the box which held dirty clothes but no matter... we fit. I remember reaching for the inside door knob but there was none. There was only a latch on the outside meaning the door, once snapped shut could only be opened from the outside. Hmm...

I got an idea. I grabbed a wire hanger and slipped the "hook" around the edge of the door and pulled it toward me. CLICK! What fun! We were in our playhouse... although... it was quickly becoming a bit warm and stuffy. I reached for the door knob... but there was none. Two little girls, squeezed into a closet filled with clothing... and the door could not be opened from the inside.

Although my mother was in the kitchen below us. I cried out for her but the distance and the clothing muffled our cries. She could not hear me. Sorry... I am crying now just remembering this. :cry:

Denise and I flung ourselves against the door but it would not give. We tried again and again. We were dripping with sweat and I could barely speak. I called out her name but there was no answer. Denise!

My chest hurt and my head began to buzz. I took deep breaths but there was no relief... we had quickly used up most if not all of the oxygen in our efforts to get out.

Painfully I gasped out the first prayer I had ever prayed that wasn't grace, a bedtime prayer or a prayer I repeated after someone else. That prayer was
Jesus, please help us! :cry:

As I said those words I pulled Denise by the hand and threw all my weight against the door yet again...only this time, the latch gave way and we tumbled out onto the floor taking in great gulps of fresh air.

I have no doubt that God Himself released us from the closet that day. I am older and wiser now and know based on what I remember that we were suffocating and near death. My friend who had been crying had fallen into a stupor and I was close to doing the same. Our strength had been diminished.

God heard my cry and rescued me on that day so long ago. He has rescued me many times since. The same God who heard the cry of a little girl trapped in a closet is the same God who hears me today and He is the same God who hears you. God hears our every cry... even when no one else can.


Beth M @blest ·

Wow! Great blog and great comment by meta... yes, He hears our every plea, our every breath, our every cry, our every thought. Our loving omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent God deigns to listen to US! Wow! Some day... the enormity of that will hit us... some day in Eternity I think... grateful God saved you this time, and that time, and that time, and that time... . :-p :pray: :flower: so blest you are here!

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·

[quote]God hears our every cry[/quote]

Amen! If we would only cry out to God in every situation and believe that he will answer..or is it just me? No, I know it isn't but we keep on pushing towards the goal that is set before us :pray:and we will always have the victory, what ever the circumstance.:dance:



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