God Is Standing In The Gap

So many people are beginning to truly have to learn what it means to walk by faith rather than by sight. One thing which always helps build my faith is to hear the testimonies of what God has done in the lives of others. This is just another reason of why it is important to share what God is doing in your life. You never know who needs to hear about it. It may just be the boost or encouragement they need to overcome the enemy at that moment. So, I decided I wanted to share with the CB community what happened to my husband and I last night.

I recently wrote about needing a gap in our finances closed. While we still have our jobs and are working them full time, my husband's free-lancing has suffered somewhat as people and organizations are trying to trim their budgets. I wrote about there being a gap and how the enemy was quick to point out that the gap just so happened to match our monthly tithes and even had the audacity to suggest that since my husband and I are a Prince and Princess of God, He (meaning God) wouldn't mind us using that to fill in the gap. What sort of nonsense is that? Steal from the King when we can simply go and tell him that despite stretching and trimming we still have a shortfall? So, hand in hand, this Prince and Princess headed for the throne room and talked to the King about our problem rather than listen to the blathering of the enemy. Remember, it is always important to talk to the right person.

Now, you have to understand right after all of this, we appeared to go backwards. A car broke down. There was money to pay for it right then but later this month we would need those funds. My husband and I reminded each other that the King had promised to take care of us so we grabbed hands once again and held onto our seats preparing ourselves for what we knew was going to be an interesting and rather exciting ride. Exactly what was The King going to do?

Last night my husband was running sound for a 50-member music ensemble associated with the college he works for. Every year this group goes on tour in the spring. They're a very difficult group to mix as they play African music mainly from Ghana and this means there are a lot of flutes, drums (giant ones), xylophones and singers. For the past few years the director has insisted that he needs my husband to go on tour with the group in order to ensure the group can be heard properly. He doesn't think anyone else running sound can do it half as well as my husband. Since this group is very popular and has been acting as an ambassador for the college for over 20 years, the college pays for my husband to go on tour every year. In addition, the director always gives my husband a nice tip after the tour. He didn't get a tip this past spring.

Now, this is not exactly something you can go and ask for. Some people might but my husband was brought up with manners and will not ask people for a "tip" even if it is normally given.

Last night, I showed up for the concert which is always packed. I slipped through the tightly packed corridor and found the door my husband had left slightly ajar for me so I could get in before the house opened. No, I'm not sneaking in. It's a free concert and even if it wasn't I'm always given comp tickets for college events such as plays and concerts. I go in early because people are usually standing for at least an hour or so waiting to get in and why stand that long if I don't have too?

After taking my seat directly behind the board, my husband told me he had some news for me. The director had seen him early and told him he realized hadn't given him a tip last spring. He'd been so busy it had entirely slipped his mind and he was sorry he hadn't given it to my husband sooner.

My husband smiled. "You'll never guess how much it is for." If you guessed the cost of the car repair, you're wrong. After paying tithe on it, it covers the cost of the car repair and just a bit more.

Isn't it good to be a child of the King? We have just what we need when we need it and then some!

May we learn to trust God more and more each day!

K :princess:

Kirk M @blessings2you ·

The battle each and every one of us faces daily is whether to honestly submit to God and take Him at His Word or yield to the fear tactics and bullying measures the enemy uses to talk us out of believing God's Word. Trusting and believing God takes patience, guts and the willingness to do what God says to do even when sense knowledge wise it is insanity.

No subject is more troublesome to believers right now than "giving". The enemy is trying everything in his limited power to persuade believers that God will not honor their tithes and offerings. That is why God says in Malachi "PROVE ME NOW WHEREWITH". If God has said it, that should settle it, even when it comes to giving during tough times.

One of the greatest tricks the devil has is to pressure people into confessing "I am too poor to give". We are NEVER too poor to give, but if we quit giving we WILL BE POOR!


Linda Young @savedbyegrace ·

Praise God! His timing is never late, not by a minute.

And if the fella had remembered to give the tip last year, well, I don't know about you, but if it were me on the receiving end, it'd be gone now that I need it for car repairs.

Love this story. God is good, all the time.