God Provides What We Need, When We Need It

When God asks us to do something, it is so easy to look at all the obstacles and say, "I can't. I don't have the ability. I don't have the resources. That's not my gift." I can't, I don't... are we really saying, "I won't?" I think that is something we must take a good hard look at.

I was thinking about Moses this morning. He had a lot of reasons for not doing what God asked him to do. In order to do it, he'd have to go back to the "scene of the crime" as he'd fled Egypt forty years earlier after committing murder. Yes, murder. He killed an Egyptian who was mistreating an Israelite and then hid his body in the sand. Unfortunately, his crime did not go undetected and Pharaoh ordered him to be killed. I wouldn't want to go back to Egypt, would you?

Moses gave God all sorts of excuses as to why he could not do what God wanted him to do. God was not impressed. He is not impressed when we try to do the same thing. I imagine felt like I do when my students say they can't do what I asked them to do. I know what they are capable to do and I don't ask them to do what is too hard for them. They might have to stretch but I try to provide the help and resources necessary for them to be successful. God does the same thing for us.

Historians estimate that there may have been as many as two million Israelites out there on the Sinai Desert. The number may be even higher. They spent forty years out there... in the desert. Do you know how impossible that is? Yes, in modern times we do have cities in the desert but this wasn't in modern times. There simply were not the resources to support this many people. So they had no choice but to trust in God's provision. He provided shelter from the sun in the form of a cloud. He provided warmth from the cold desert air in the form of fire. I read it can hit 3F or -16C there due to the mountains. God provided water from a rock. God provided manna and quail. God even took care of what was on their feet. In other words, the impossible was accomplished by God.

I simply do not believe God would ask us to do something and then fail to provide us with the resources and ability to accomplish it. Do you?


K :princess:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

No ma'am I do not.

When there is no other way HE makes it possible.

Tonya Corey @godwarrior ·

Ever thing is possable with god and because we are with god everything he asks us to do we can. This I found the hard way. God gives us the power to everything because his son lives in us.
God bless


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