God's Blanket Of Love

When I was going through treatment for breast cancer, I attended a class called "Look Good, Feel Better". The class I attended was held at a local church. After the class was over, the participants were given prayer shawls which had been crocheted and prayed over by some of the women who attended that church. I didn't know it at the time but over the next few months, while battling the most severe of the chemo side-effects, I would tightly wrap that shawl around me and "feel" the prayers and love of those precious ladies whose names and faces I did not know. 

The first time I did so, the Holy Spirit told me that I was not only wrapped up in a blanket created by loving human hands; I was wrapped up in God's blanket as well. It was a blanket of love made by His own hands and completed at Calvary. 

Unlike a natural blanket, nothing can penetrate this blanket and it cannot be destroyed. It will endure forever in pristine condition.   It is soft, warm and gentle and yet it protects and shields me. It is  an armor, a fortress that cannot be destroyed. 

When my grandson was born, the hospital gave my daughter-in-law a sleep sack swaddle blanket. Unlike his father, who absolutely hated to be swaddled, my grandson, like most babies, seems to find it very comforting. When I see him peering out at all the chaos all around him (he has a 20 month old big brother and a couple of kitty cats) I chuckle as he calmly surveys his new world from  the safety and security of his blanket.

How often I forget that I too am wrapped up safe and secure in God's blanket of love. I kick, scream and fuss when in reality all of that drama is unnecessary. I am safe and secure in my Father's arms, wrapped up in His blanket as He tenderly cares for me.

Dwight Alight Davis @justalight ·

We all need one of those blankets K. I am so glad you had yours.