God's Positioning System

I drove my friend Beth to work early this morning and returned to her house just as the eastern sky was beginning to light up. Beth lives out in the country and as I turned off the interstate and began the five mile journey down a dark and narrow highway, I was very glad that I had the coordinates for her house in my GPS.

There I was, confidently zooming down the highway with my CD player turned up and singing to my heart's content. That's when it happened. I was so caught up in what I was doing and making so much noise that I didn't hear it. I did not hear the voice telling me that I needed to turn.

To be sure, I know I am supposed to turn when I come to the gravel road that has a blue mailbox. I know that but in the dark, I couldn't see the mailbox very well. The voice "knew" where I needed to go. It knew exactly where I needed to turn. I was not concerned about missing my turn because from past experience I knew that the voice always told me exactly when to turn. In fact, I had originally set the GPS as I sat in my car at that intersection just so that I would never miss that turn. Confident that the voice would tell me when to turn, I made a fatal error. I failed to listen for the voice.

Distracted by the music (and my own voice), I did not hear the voice of my GPS. I zoomed right past my turn. I didn't realize it until began to pass by some buildings close to the road. Uh-oh. This did not look right. Suddenly I realized I had missed my turn and I was... well... I was lost and alone out there in the dark. cry.gif.

That's when I remembered my GPS. It not only knew where I was, it could tell me how to get there. I drove on looking for a place to turn around. I knew I could not continue in the direction I was going because I was going the wrong way. I managed to turn around and was once again on my way. This time, I turned off my CD player and I listened. I listened for the voice of my GPS .

Suddenly, without warning, I heard it's voice and I made my turn. I traveled down the right road and sure enough, presently Beth's house came into view. In order to get to my destination I had to be on the right road and in order to be on the right road... I had to listen to my GPS. Are you listening to God's Positioning System?


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Sandy Brooks @poodlelady ·

Oh how many times have I lost my way because my voice was over-riding that small quiet voice of God!

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·


Sarah Vm @godissogood ·

Hi K,
This made me chuckle a bit, because the reason I do not drive is that I am incapable of remembering a route. Even if someone is looking for directions to our house, I will immediately hand the telephone to my husband for fear of sending them to the far side of the country. See, sometimes I have a little 'black-out' and have no idea what I am doing, where I'm going, why I am standing there ... kind of lost. But at the moment it's not so bad as to be noticeable, I pass for a 'normal' scatter-brain mostly, so am very thankful for that.
How much more thankful I am for God's Positioning System, without which we would all be lost ... in the scary sense of the word. Thank you Lord!
God bless,

Alison Stewart @kiwibird ·
  1. I am very glad you found your way home (as Beth is, I am sure)!

  2. I the analogy within this blog. It speaks volumes.


John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

You have a real knack of telling a good story - gee your school kids must have loved you; for I do, for your ability to tell 'parables.'


Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

[b]GPS[/b] = Global Positioning System

[b]GPS[/b] = God's Positioning System

I like how you've analogized [b]GPS[/b] in your story, K :princess:, especially as [b]"God's Positioning System."[/b] It's a story to which each of us could so "easily" relate. Great sharing!

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