God's Way Is Not Necessarily Our Way

He was the favorite son of the wealthiest man in the region. As a symbol of his favor, the father made a beautiful robe for his son with his own hands. This of course, invoked a great deal of jealousy from his brothers.

He was a dreamer. Really. The meaning of the dreams, which he shared with his brothers and father were quite clear. He was destined to rule over them.

The path which led from being the pampered and most beloved son of the wealthiest man in the region to becoming a rich and powerful lord seemed to be a natural and easy path. However, God's ways are not necessarily our ways. Actually, when you think about it, that is a good thing for God's way is always better!

Joseph, the favored son who was destined to rule over his family as well as others suddenly finds himself in a place he never expected he would be. He was stripped of his robe by his brothers and thrown into a pit!

He pulled out of the pit only to find that his brothers have sold him as a slave and he is being taken to a strange land. He is sold to an official in Pharoah's court and his lot improved a bit. He was still a slave but he had been promoted to having charge of the household of Potiphar.

It seems like Joseph's luck was changing until... Potiphar's wife tried to seduce him. She managed to get his cloak from him and promptly spread the story amongst the servants that Joseph had tried to seduce her. She kept the "evidence" with her until her husband came home and Potiphar throws Joseph in prison.

Oops. Wait a minute. Things weren't supposed to happen like this! Didn't God reveal to Joseph that he would be a great ruler? What had happened? The prison certainly did not look like the palace! Had God made a mistake? Was He not able to carry out His plan? Had Joseph displeased Him and God changed His mind?

God's way usually is not the same as our way. We might not like that but that does not make it any less true. We have evidence of this time and time again in His Word. It is high time for us to recognize that God is in charge, not us and God can do what He wants, how He wants. We might not always like His way but that does not change the fact that God is going to do things His way; not our way.

In God's time, Joseph is freed from prison. He is placed in charge of all of the land of Egypt (a rich and powerful world power) second only to Pharoah. He was 30 years old.

For 13 years, Joseph had lived as a slave. A portion of that time had been spent in prison. Joseph had undoubtedly learned a lot of valuable lessons during that including gaining an understanding that what God says will come to pass... no matter what!

When we see Christians suffering, whether it is physical persecution, difficult relationships, economic hardship or even physical/mental illness it is very easy to jump to the conclusion that the individual might not be serving/pleasing God.

The next time you are tempted to think that, remember Joseph and the plan God had for his life. Perhaps God is allowing that person to go through the circumstances for a reason. Perhaps it is of their own making but maybe, just maybe they are allowed to go into the "pit" or into "prison" for a reason. God has work from them to do in that place.


Kirk M @blessings2you ·

Excellent example using Joseph!! If I said anymore it would take away from what you wrote which says it all.
Thanks and well done!

Tan Yeowhwa @silverpen ·

Sister K, thanks for sharing.[img]http://smileyicons.net/s/614.gif[/img] God's way is not our ways, His thoughts not our thoughts. May the Lord grants us understanding of His ways and helps us to be willing to walk His way as He wants us to.[img]http://www.tiptopglobe.com/skin/smile/s8003.gif[/img]

Blessings always

From [img]http://www.thesmilies.com/smilies/animal/teddybear.gif[/img] Hwa [img]http://www.thesmilies.com/smilies/office/fountainpen.gif[/img] Silverpen

Gary Bixler @abrother ·

Dear Sister K:

What a great reminder to me this morning of God's Sovereignty in my life...and I need this reminder, being turned down this morning for a job, which is sorely needed. In our desperate situation, I will look at God's work in Joseph's life. As a "type" of Jesus, Joseph is an example for us of exactly what you said--God's Way is not our way, His thoughts are not our thoughts. When we can't understand something, it is because we don't have the mind of Christ fully in us, and we aren't yet completely seated in the heavenly places with Christ. I get up out of my heavenly seat and take an earthly view of things so often.

Joseph was ordained of God to be a slave and prisoner in Egypt so that he could deliver the entire nation of his father's people. So Christ was a nobody and cast off his rightful place in heaven to sojourn among us so that He could deliver our entire nation of God's chosen. Joseph so loved his brothers that he forgave them for their terrible acts toward him. Jesus so loves us, His father's children, that He shed His blood and forgives us for all our terrible acts toward Him. Joseph delivered his family and friends and the people of God during a time of famine and trial. So Jesus delivers us by His love and devotion to us through our severest and most pressing trials.

In our sadness and fear today, let us turn to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, and our deliverance in Egypt.

Thank you for your love for the Savior and your insight,
A. Brother

K Reynolds @kreynolds ·

A very good point was brought up by A. Brother. The sovereignty of God. As God has led me more and more to minister to those who battle chronic illness, I have seen many Christians deeply hurt by others who are certain the reason they are not "instantly" healed is due to a lack of faith or sin on their part. Oh that we would stop doing that! Oh that we would seek the Lord diligently and be positively sure that the Holy Spirit is doing the speaking... and not us. We simply cannot accept the idea that God allows us to sometimes encounter various difficulties for a variety of reasons which we may never know.

Am I suggesting we stop praying for deliverance? Absolutely not! As long as you feel God has not specifically told you "no", continue to seek Him!
However, we must accept that there are times God wants us in the desert, in the pit, in prison, etc for a season and instead of criticizing them, we need to support them with our love and support. That God will enable them to do what He has called them to do and they will always remember that He is there... even when they can't hear his voice or see Him through the storm.


K :princess:

Joyce Bethy Ferguson @bethy ·

Well said K.