Good To Know You're There!

With our first cry, we find sudden comfort in hearing the voice of our mother and feeling her arms around us as well as the familiar beating of her heart. Suddenly the confusion around us does not matter for we discover we are not alone.

Separation. Being alone. It is something that we all dread. I want to pause for a moment and clarify that there is a difference between desiring a bit of solitude and being lonely. One is a choice and we are in control (at least somewhat) in regards to where, when and for how long. We have little or no control over the other.

Though some of us are more "social" than others, we are social beings. According to the accounts of former prisoners which I have read, who have experienced both solitary confinement and torture, it seems that being "alone" is harder to endure. In fact, prisoners in solitary confinement will risk punishment and even death in an attempt to communicate with "someone out there". When all is said and done, we do not like the sense that we are all alone with no one for us to reach out to. It is not a good feeling.

I was reminded of this today when a situation was brought to my attention about a family member which troubled me. I needed to pray but I also suddenly realized I needed to do something else. I needed to let my husband know about what was going on so he could pray as well.

Quickly I sent him a text, explaining what was going on and that we needed to pray. Before I could even bow my head, I heard a little "ding". It was my husband who had quickly sent back the word that my message had been received and he too was joining me in prayer at that very moment.

There was something powerful and comforting in the fact that I knew that I was not standing before God alone. My husband had joined me and we were standing there together, hand in hand with God.

As good as it is to know that a spouse, a family member, a friend or even strangers that we have just met are "there", it is even better know that God is always there. We are never alone.


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Great blog. It truly speaks volumes. My favorite line is the last line.

We are never alone. Social or not--confined or not--happily married or not. God is always with us. We re always there with Him, thus loneliness is non-issue.

Thank you for this afternoon's blessing.

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