He Gives Us Hind's Feet

"You want me to go where?" I looked up at the towering mountain ahead of me. I blinked. It looked rugged and very dangerous. I couldn't even see the summit from where I stood. Why in some places the trail seemed broken and in other places it looked like there was no trail at all!

Surely something was wrong. I must be mistaken. How could I possibly go there? I mean, just look at those places where there was nothing but sheer rock? How in the world could I ever scale those seemingly smooth walls of rock? Even if I did have the strength, which I didn't, it appeared that there were no footholds.

Furthermore, I was a girl of the plains. I wasn't used to heights and I don't like them. I also suspected that the air would gradually become much too thin for me.

No, what I was being asked to do was impossible. Perhaps it wasn't for some skilled mountaineer but for me it was impossible. I couldn't do it. I just could not do it and I would have to find another way.

Perhaps I could go around the mountain or if that was not possible, perhaps I could find a pass. Surely that would be easier... or would it? Why did I suddenly have this feeling that it wouldn't be?

I wanted to follow Jesus. I wanted to be where He was. The problem was, He was heading up that dark and treacherous-looking mountain and He expected me to follow Him. I couldn't. I just couldn't... or could I?

Those who trust in Him. From the time when Adam and Eve first walked the earth, God has been asking both them and all of their descendents this question. Will we trust Him?

I slipped my hand into His, knowing that God will make my feet like hind's feet so that I might follow Him wherever He leads me. He will do the same for you.


K :princess:

Joan Ruffins @blessedbyondmeasur ·

"I can do all things through Christ who strengths me", when we hold these truths to be self-evident we are guarantee the victory regardless of how big the mountain or other landforms may seem. Keep pushing on.

Barbra Lambert @enje25 ·

I enjoyed reading this very much. I love how the imagery of the deer analogizes your content, and how true for each of us to think (as you have written) ...
[quote]Perhaps I could go around the mountain or if that was not possible, perhaps I could find a pass.[/quote]


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