He Puts A Song In My Heart

I couldn't keep the tears from flowing as I maneuvered through the morning rush hour traffic back in early December, 2007. Earlier that morning, I'd learned that I had a suspicious mass growing in my left breast... a mass that was fairly screaming, "I'm not benign, I'm breast cancer!" I later learned it was.

My mind seemed almost numb and yet the thoughts seemed to be flying so hard and fast that I could barely comprehend what they even were. I tried to cry out to God but all I could do was emit an occasional wounded cry and wipe away the tears which were blinding my eyes.

Forcing my mind to focus on the here and now, I wondered how on earth I was ever going to get through the day at school. There were 24 seven and eight year olds who needed my undivided attention.

I hadn't turned off the radio in my car the night before. I was vaguely aware that it was on but I wasn't paying any attention to it. Suddenly, this song came on...

I started to sing along. I have to admit, with the threat of a deadly disease hanging over my head, I choked on some of the words but I realized that regardless of the outcome, God had me and He puts a song in my heart!

As of this writing, I am facing another storm. At times I am finding myself straining to see God through the blinding rain.

Yesterday, I got a CD from a friend. No, it wasn't my birthday nor was it a Christmas gift. It was just a gift. A gift that they wanted to send me. Tears filled my eyes as I read playlist for song number three was "How Can I Keep From Singing".

Even if God were to never do another thing for us, we still have received the greatest gift of all. His forgiveness all wrapped up in His love! When I remember that, praise fills my heart and a song bursts forth from my lips.

I am loved by the King, and it makes my heart want to sing!

...and so are you! :heart:


K :princess: