Heed The Warning Signs


I got a call from my mom earlier this afternoon. She had just learned that her 82 year old cousin had a heart attack. 

This morning, while preparing to set off across the country with his daughter, he suddenly did not feel well. He'd had heart trouble a few years ago and he decided not to take any chances. He called 911 and paramedics were dispatched immediately.

It turns out this was not a false alarm. He was having a heart-attack and it turns out that there was 100% blockage on one side and 80% blockage on the other. The procedure was successful and he had another day to tell his family that he loves them and cuddle his grandchildren but it could have been a different story had he not heeded the warning signs.

I am reminded that we can also have spiritual warning signs that indicate to us that all is not well within our heart. We must not ignore those signs! We need to take them very seriously and call upon the Holy Spirit to perform surgery on us so that our "heart" will function properly once again. Far too often we ignore the signs or attempt to perform "heart surgery" on ourselves. If we attempt to do so, we will most certainly fail. Instead we must submit ourselves to God's capable hands, allow Him to perform the work which needs to be done and follow His instructions so that we may become spiritually healthy.

Photo by openDemocracy on Foter.com / CC BY-SA

John Knox @watchmanjohn ·

we must heed the warnings