Heeding The Warning Signals

One of my cousins was admitted to the hospital this week. I heard the whole story from her yesterday. It seems that earlier this week, as she was walking up the steps to her apartment, she was suddenly barely unable to walk. Fortunately, her husband was home to help her. The attack subsided and things appeared to go back to normal and she was fine. In the back of her mind though, there was this nagging thought. Is this really gone or is it a warning signal?

Early the next morning, although she felt fine, she decided to call her clinic. Upon hearing what happened, she was ordered to come in immediately.
It's a good thing she did because as a result of their findings, she was admitted to the hospital immediately.

This had not been a random incident. A medication which she had been taking had caused blood clots to form in her legs. She's going to be fine. They took her off the medication which was causing this and are treating the blood clots. Things have improved so much that she may be going home today or tomorrow.

She was told that she was very fortunate that she did not disregard the warning signal her body sent her indicating that all was not well. Often times, people ignore it, thinking something happened but things are better now. The consequences of ignoring such a warning sign are severe and can even lead to death.

There are times we do not get warning signals in regards to our health. Ironically, I did not have any warning signals that I had a brain aneurysm which was about to rupture. That is the exception though, rather than the rule. Generally, there are warning signs prior to that happening. However, God has designed our body to give off a number of early warning signals that something serious is about to happen and we'd better take heed.

In regards to our spiritual life, there are warning signals too. The Holy Spirit makes it known to us that all is not well. The question is... will we listen and heed the warning?


K :princess:

Photo Credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/buggolo/311128680/