Heigh-Ho Heigh-Ho It's Off To Work I Go!

I went on medical leave from teaching on February 29. When I left, I did not know when or if I would be returning. I was hopeful as the biopsy of my sentinel lymph nodes had shown no cancer but who knew what would show up after I finished treatment? While most people get through chemo with few permanent side effects, the ones you can get are very real. Some people lose feeling permanently in their feet. Others have such severe problems with the legs, feet and joints that they need appliances to walk such as canes, walkers or they can even become confined to wheelchairs. Others experience damage to their hearts which is why prior to chemo you have to have a lot of tests to determine whether or not you can have particular drugs. Then your heart is tested post-chemo as well.

I'm heading back to work again in a few minutes. I did a couple of weeks of summer school in a different district which provided sort of a warm-up for me. However, that wasn't "home". I went in early last week for a couple of days. That's not unusual for most teachers. Our prep time to set up prior to the beginning of school gets eaten up by workshops and meetings. I ran into a few other teachers, saw my principal and some of the clerical staff, but I wasn't officially "home" yet.

Today is the day. I won't have students until the day after Labor Day. We start school late up here. Minnesotans do not want to give up a moment of summer although we go to school until mid-June so go figure.

I finished my treatment on schedule in time for school to begin. I can start off the new year fresh and I am looking forward to it. I praise God for what he's brought me through and that I can return back to school.

I'm off! Everyone have a blessed day!

K :princess:

Andrea Lynn @allforhim ·

Praising God with you as you go back to work! Yeah, we start school here on the day after Labor day, only because I home school, I want my summer to last as long as possible too! :) But the county goes tomorrow. I pray the Lord be with you as you return to work and I just thank God for you. Blessings! Andrea

Erin Cochran @throughfaith ·

Thank you Lord for work to return to and the health to continue in it! Have a blessed year with the kids. Erin:clap:

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